What’s the State of Blogging in 2020 and beyond? Is blogging dead? I don’t think so..

Hey all the veteran bloggers and blog readers! I just wanted to check up with you and see what’s the state of blogging.

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I won’t take much of your time. Let me go straight to the facts:

Blogging is not dead but..

Blogging, the way we used to do is dead. People don’t read blogs the way they did 7-8 years ago.

Today, website content, and blogs are there to serve a specific purpose. Internet users are googling for information, they grab the info and go out.

Often times, the users are taking the info from the Google search page.

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Types of Blog Traffic Sources You Should Know About

When you are just starting with blogging, you will get to hear a lot of tech jargon such as “Organic Traffic”. For many it gets confusing. So to help you out, today I am going to talk about various blog traffic types.

If you are wondering what traffic means. In the real world,

the word traffic means this:

Real world traffic

In the blogging world, traffic means people who are visiting your blog.

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How to Attract Local Targeted Audience Into Your Blog

There are times when you just don’t want to invite the whole world into reading your blog. You may be offering something locally and would like to target specific people who are from your own community.

Targeting a geography specific audience is very straightforward. You just need to publish content which speaks to your local audience.

However there are few more tricks you can implement to maximize your local reach, which I am outlining below: [Continue reading…]


How To Deal With Blog Post Plagiarism

You spend so much time researching a topic, writing it and publishing to your blog. Only to being copy-pasted word for word, without giving any proper credit to you as the original author. I know how that feels. Here I will outline some of the steps you can take to stop the bad guys from stealing your content, and how to take action when you need to bring that down. [Continue reading…]


What is The Cost of Running a Self Hosted WordPress Blog?

Blogging is like building a business and unlike any other businesses, it needs some regular cash flow to keep it going. Running a blog needs more than monetary commitments. It needs time, research, technical support and most of all, your special attention.

In this article I will outline how much does it costs to run a blog. I will also share how much money I am spending to maintain this blog.

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Hello BlogKori Readers

When I first started BlogKori, it was a collection of blogging and money making tips. I wrote about everything I came across and It helped many beginners.

When I first started my online journey I had an interest in blogging and internet marketing. Then I went into freelance web development. Over the last few years, I failed to keep up with my blogging because of my web development job.

I learned a lot about web development working as a freelancer, I now want to pursue a career in web development. For this reason I would like to write about web development and stuff.

I have been thinking about this blog for the last 6 months, which direction should I take it. For sometimes I thought about writing WordPress blogging related stuff. But nothing was clicking.

I thought about turning blogkori into a web development blog, but the name doesn’t really fits the topic. So I decided to start a new blog to write about web development, WordPress, NodeJS and any relevant technology which I am working at the moment.

I have not fully decided yet, so I have to think a lot of the things through. On my new blog I don’t want to cover newbie tutorials, instead I want to go through intermediate topics and opinions about the things I do.

So what about this BlogKori blog? I haven’t thought about it yet. I may keep this blog for a yearly report of my online journey. Have to think about that too.

For now, just know that I am working on a new blog and if you are a web developer like me, then you can follow my live videos on facebook. -I talk and show web development stuff in my live videos.

Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please leave them as comments:


10 Year Anniversary of Working Online

10 years

10 yearsOct 27, 2017 marks my 10 year anniversary of working online. Ten years from now, on this day I started looking for ways to build a website. I started with no money or knowledge and was able to make a career in this field.

My reason for writing this look back:

10 years of working online is nothing to be bragged about. I wanted to share my story for me to read and reflect on what I have done. It should also be an inspirational post to all of those who are reading and in a tough situation right now. [Continue reading…]


Being a Pro Freelancer

Many freelancers are bound by their marketplaces. If you work in Upwork then your career is limited to that platform only. You go by the rule of the marketplace.

So the next logical step to advance your career is to go independent. Get clients from outside of the marketplaces.

Here’s how to do that: [Continue reading…]

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