Hello BlogKori Readers

When I first started BlogKori, it was a collection of blogging and money making tips. I wrote about everything I came across and It helped many beginners. When I first started my online journey I had an interest in blogging and internet marketing. Then I went into freelance web development. Over the last few years, …

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Being a Pro Freelancer

Many freelancers are bound by their marketplaces. If you work in Upwork then your career is limited to that platform only. You go by the rule of the marketplace. So the next logical step to advance your career is to go independent. Get clients from outside of the marketplaces. Here’s how to do that:

Long Blog Posts Suck!

It simply sucks. I don’t personally read blog posts word by word, so how can I expect you to read them too? I know there are people who are kind enough to read a 1,000 word long blog article from start to finish, but I think that’s a minority. Why waste your time? Let me …

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