Online Vs Offline Advertising – Which One Is Better Value?

For many years, a raging debate has been occurring thanks to the pressures that online/digital advertising has applied to more conventional methods of marketing. For eons, brands and businesses had to utilize offline forms of advertising to reach audiences: from mailers and radio to television and newspaper, these methods often require substantially larger investments in …

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What email should I use for my blog?

You should create a separate Gmail account just to use for your blogging-related work. Gmail is free and lets you use all the free Google services to grow your blog. Use this email address whenever you sign up for blog-related services and newsletters so that all the spam and promotions go to this email inbox, leaving your main inbox clean

What is a self-hosted blog?

A self-hosted blog is when you host a blog website in your own web server. Today you don’t have to program a web server yourself, because you can rent this service from any of the web hosting services providers. Some of the popular self-hosted blogs are WordPress and Ghost.

Why is it Important to Have a Blog?

Because a blog allows you to showcase your expertise in the form of articles that will come up in Google search. Other than building authority, a blog is also a platform you own, can monetize, and sell.

Can I Blog About More Than One Topic?

No, you should only cover one central topic per blog if you want to grow it fast. Blogging about more than one topic makes your blog diluted and you will lose your reader’s interest. To grow your blog quickly, you should always blog about one topic per blog.