How I Learned to Play Chess

I think everyone in this world knows how to play chess. We all know how the pieces move and played once or twice against a friend or two, and lost!

Chess was a high IQ level game to me and I never thought I would actually learn to play well enough to beat a computer, let alone a human opponent. This is my journey of how I learned to play chess for real.

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Make One Great Move

Some time ago I went down from 800 to 700 rating in chess over the course of a week. It was devastating and dangerous!

Once you are on a slope, you could end up on a losing streak and soon you can lose hundreds of rating points. It happened with my brother. He went from 800 to 500 over a few weeks and got to the point of quitting chess altogether.

I don’t want that to happen to me.

So I stopped playing chess for 2 days. sent me a notification saying: “Hey you haven’t played in 2 days, come back!

It was my first time quitting my chess-playing streak in a year.

So I went back to playing and this time I had a simple goal.

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Are you Creating or Consuming?

I grew up watching TV. I would spend the whole day watching cartoons.

Then came the computer. I spent every day playing games on that thing.

Then came the internet where I spent time on social media.

Then the smartphone news feed took over everything.

As it turns out, 90% of my life is spent on consuming media.

Let’s fix that.

Let’s start creating more and consuming less.

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My Journey from a Blogger to a Software Engineer, And What I have Been Up to for The Last 5 Years

Last time you heard from me was when I moved my life to Habiganj. Since then I haven’t shared much about my work and been keeping myself private for a while. The final nail in the coffin was when I decided to delete all my social media accounts, mainly Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For those who are with me on Facebook have a little idea that I am now working as a coder, developer or whatever. But here in this post I wanna share my journey from being a blogger to a software engineer.

By doing so I hope I can answer some of your questions and maybe help anyone out there who wants to embark on the same path.

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What email should I use for my blog?

My friend Vicky just started blogging. 

You know starting a blog is as simple as signing up for a social media account. 

And what do you need to sign up for a blog? 

An email address.

So just like everybody else, Vicky innocently signed up for a blogging service with her personal email address. 

And this is where things got overwhelming for her to the point that she sent me an email wanting to fix the mess she got herself into.

Her problem?

She is getting promotional emails every day from various blog services. So many emails that she can’t keep up and missing the important emails from her friends.

The solution?

Have a different email address just for your blog.

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