xoom a paypal service

question about paypal in Bangladesh

A valid question. Why Bangladesh is still not listed in the available countries in PayPal?

paypal listed countries

The fact is, the show was about launching Xoom.

Xoom what?

xoom a paypal service

Okay so now we get it. Xoom is a PayPal service. But Xoom is not PayPal.

Xoom is just like another money service like Skrill, Payza and Neteller.

But Xoom is not PayPal!

For those who don’t know:

PayPal is the internet’s way of sending and receiving money. It’s just like Bkash. In Bkash you can send and receive money with a phone number, with PayPal you do it with your email address. PayPal is so widely used, all the major affiliate websites, merchant services and foreign clients prefer using PayPal over other means.

In Oct 19, 2017 Bangladeshi ICT ministry made the inauguration of “PayPal Xoom.”

paypal innaugration
Source: Prothom Alo

But Xoom was already in operation for the last few years in Bangladesh.

The million dollar question: When is The Real PayPal going to open in Bangladesh?

I take a hunch, it may never. Simply because for PayPal to operate in Bangladesh, they will need full access of online money API. Currently it’s limited, that’s why your BD credit cards don’t work on the internet.

So to clear the confusion: the inauguration was about Xoom (a PayPal service) and not the real PayPal.

Update Oct 23, 2017

I asked the official PayPal support handle at Twitter to clear the confusion, I got a response from them:

The tweet cuts off and opens a new link where we get to read the full tweet:

PayPal said:

Hey there! PayPal is not currently available in Bangladesh and we don’t have news to share right now regarding future plans. However, Xoom, a PayPal service, has been live in Bangladesh since November 2015. Through Xoom, people in the U.S. can send money to loved ones by depositing money to leading banks in the country, including Sonali Bank. We appreciate your interest in PayPal. ^CRG