You know the best part of working online? I get to work from anywhere I want. I most recently I moved to a small town in Habiganj. I have setup  my office over there last week and resumed my work.

After setting up my home office I took on my client work as usual and completed some of them here. Got in touch with some new clients and started working with them.

Here’s my work desk (My cat has taken over when I went out for a snack)

Other than my client work, I am working on setting up an IT Academy here in Habiganj. It’s called Tamal Anwar’s Academy and it’s going to be a physical school located at the heart of Habiganj.

I will be teaching my students to how to become a web designer and internet marketer (like me) and work for foreign clients.

So far I am getting a lot of response in my facebook page of the Academy from interested students.

Some of my followers around Bangladesh are not happy with me. They asked me why I didn’t make an Academy in Dhaka.

My answer to them is, Dhaka is already blessed with so many IT training institutes. This is my duty to make a high quality IT institute for the people of Habiganj.

My goal is to make high quality skilled online entrepreneurs (not freelancers) from my local community.

Let me hope for the best. I will publish all the details about my Academy and the course in the coming weeks here in my blog and in the facebook page.

Stay tuned!