I started to blog on blogger(blogspot) platfporm. After blogging for a whole year, I moved to wordpress self hosted platform. Now the experience with wordpress is surprising. As a tech geek, I spend my most of the blogging time to tweak and hack the blog -which requires a lot of research, experiment and time. The thing that I found in wordpress, the main blog setup is divided into multiple PHP files. Separate files for header, footer, comments and themes. This way the code remains simple and light. In blogger, there’s only one HTML file for the whole blog setup and it’s just like packing for a picnic in a small briefcase.

How wordpress can save a lot of time?

WordPress is full of plugins and there’s one for every task. Search, install, activate and configure -that’s it! But in blogger, you have to search for a hack, test it with your blog and hope that this will work. By average, I spent over 3 hours(sometimes even more) for a successful hack. 3 Hours are being replaced by 5 minutes of plugin installation.

If I add 2 plugins per week in my blog, that means I’m saving 6 working hours of blogging. With this basic sum, I can be able to save 288 hours in 2009 -and that means more time for other things, less frustration and more productivity.

Why Blogger is recommended for new users?

Blogger is my first choice of blogging and I’d recommend new bloggers to use this platform. It’s easy, fast and free! By using blogger, you have to mess up with those HTML, Java codes. The more you interact with your code, the more you’ll learn. WordPress is so simple that even a child can use it but blogger requires some programmer skills.

Blogger is the platform where I learned how to create HTML elements and how to tweak your design. No matter what platform you choose for your blog, please use your own domain to blog.