blog failed to impress the readerYour blog is your store, your club, your seminar hall or could be your camp where people come. There are some people who come to your site regularly and some who just came for the first time. The visitors to your site are the results of your hard work. The time you put for social bookmarking, guest writing, forum using and for posting great comments on other blogs resulted some visitors coming to your blog.

So what happens if they just go away from the first page of your blog and didn’t come again? These people could become something more if they just stay on your blog for longer,

  1. They could have been your regular RSS subscriber
  2. They could have been purchased from you and make you profit
  3. They could have been promoters of your blog
  4. They could have been your friends and keep in touch
  5. They could have been a business owner with opportunity
  6. They could have been a journalist and could feature you in media
  7. They could have been blog owners
  8. They could turn out being your greatest supporters

Here are some quick reasons why your blog failed to impress that last visitor,

1. Bad Landing Page

The visitor came to a page where there is a weak post or a paid review. Make sure you put the best article’s URL when you comment on a blog post, so the reader will be impressed.

2. Slow Page Load

Have lots of things in the sidebar and takes longer to load. Blog speed is a big issue and it can make or break your website. Read this posts and speeding up your site.

3. No Author Information

A new visitor will look for the author information before even reading from you. Make a good ‘About me’ page and let your reader know you. My friend Daniel has created his blog without an ‘About’ page but he replaced it with author information in the top(Much better!)

4. Bad Navigation Structure

Your reader will get bored in seconds when he will see that there is no way to get back to the home page, he cannot find the things he is looking for. Create a nice navigation structure in your blog which will help your readers.

5. Bad Design

The blog design is common or is filled with unnecessary things. You can find great looking blog templates for free on the internet. Select a nice and simple looking theme. Make your blog brighter. If you use black or darker background, your readers will go away.

6. No Blog Description

Your blog must have a little description in the top or in the sidebar which tells what your blog is about. If it says it’s about ‘blogging’, they will know that this blog is about blogging and they will stay on your blog if they are interested in the topic.

7. No Way to Interact

Most of the tech savvy people and especially bloggers, like to leave a response in a blog or want to connect with the author. If the blog has no way to interact like comments, chat, email or anything, I don’t think there is a reason why your readers will stay on your blog.

8. Spelling errors and bad writing

This happens when you just write and hit publish. There may be error and wrong information in your article. The way I do this: when I finish an article, I keep it as a text document. Then I check it again after few hours and use a word processor to check those grammar and spelling mistakes. This way I can make an article more perfect and can add more new ideas.

9. Mobile visitors

People will browse your blog with their mobile phones. There’s a big chance that they will go away from your mobile incompatible blog, so it is better to create a mobile version of your blog and keep that link in the top of the page. Read this blog on making a mobile friendly site with an app.

10. Lack of Consistency

You must keep your blog article and topics consistent. If a visitor lands on a post that is related to cars, the next thing that will turn them off is a post about cats. So keep your blog relevant.

And yes there is something which you can’t change,

  1. Most of the people coming from social media sites like digg, reddit, stumble upon, don’t like to stay longer in a site. They may not come again even if he liked your article.
  2. There are low visitor numbers in most of the niche in weekends(Saturday and Sundays) -so you will get bad response in that time.
  3. Most people will ignore your older articles when they will see it’s been written 1-2 years ago. So you can keep them fresh by removing the date stamp of those posts.
  4. RSS subscriber count is a major factor to impress a visitor. If it’s low, remove it. Add your counter when it’s higher enough or use someone else’s counter for few days.
  5. At the very end it’s up to your reader’s mind and mood, if he wants to read from you or not. So there’s nothing you can do about it.