Wow has Google page rank 9! no wonder how they managed to do this and what are they doing to get PR 10?

-do you think a big company like apple is working hard to get a better page rank? Off course not, they make computers and they have more things to think about. Google’s page rank is a kind of rating which small sites get mad to achieve.

-now you might think that, ya Tamal’s blogs have lost the page rank and this is why he is telling us why having a good page rank is a bad thing. Off course not, I want to have a better page rank too but the thing I wanted to say is, if you only focus on getting a better page rank, then you will lost your other things online.

Google was doing a great job, categorizing the internet by ranking different sites. The page with more quality backlinks got higher page rank. Few years ago some established bloggers and webmasters started to sell links to earn some money. This way business people started to buy links for their website to get higher ranks in search engines. May be this is the time when some sites started link trading business like PayPerPost, Review Me and Text Link Ads.

Google saw that in this way even low quality sites are getting higher rankings and then they changed their alghorithm. With this new system, big blogs with page rank 5-7 fallen at page rank 2-4. Medium sized bloggers with page rank 3-5 fallen at 1 or no page rank. This impacked the internet so much that the small and medium sized bloggers, who’s earning was depended on their high page rank were gone.

Where big bloggers with lots of readers found other ways to keep their income going on, others with small blogs were hopeless and quit blogging. The bloggers who were making thousands of dollars per month, ended up selling their blog in few hundreds of dollars.

You should not focus on page rank if you want to develop a better blog and want to make a living with it. When I was a new blogger and had no page rank of my blog, I wondered how it feels like to have such a nice page rank? When I got PR 3 for my first blog, the search traffic was still the same. Then I knew that page rank is just a status and you must work by yourself to develop readership.

You must not depend on the page rank for traffic, earning or anything else. Try to build up readership and create an excellent blog.

Link trading marketplaces look for other ways for the business. ReviewMe started to look for blogs with more daily RSS readers where PayPerPost created their own ranking system called Izea real rank. Most of the paid per post marketplaces changed the review structure so the review will look like an original post.

Real page rank will come automatically over time. got their page rank because the site was there from the beginning and lots of people linked to them. They didn’t try to get the rank, the rank followed them. I remember the words from Darren Rowse( to build up a better blog and let the page rank find you.

In the mean time focus on great quality articles, building loyal readers and increasing your RSS readership. Stop wasting your time on heavy keyword research, hardcore SEO and emailing people for a link exchange. If you do these things, you won’t be worried about the page rank change. But a light search engine optimization is healthy for every blog, so why not check out this article from my friend Wei Liang: 18 search engine optimizations