shark attackBy default we all like to play it safe and be defensive. It is something that most people are doing, I was doing it for years and chances are that you are doing it still now. But it is time you should level up and show some aggression.

We are the masters of our own selves. You will be treated the way you want others to treat you. You can barely make a living or choose to be in the elite’s league. The choice is yours.

I realized this while playing some video games. I like to play some action games and in one mission I was stuck. I tried to play defensive, I tried to go stealth but I was failing every time.

It was taking me forever just to go from one room to another. Time was running out. I was afraid of my enemy, I was afraid to get shot and most of all I was afraid of failing the mission.

Then my brother asked me to play rough, to play aggressively. I took his advice and charged on to my enemy. Yes I did take some hit, did some mistakes but at the end I succeeded within the time limit.

So what we can take from this small example? It has been long since we are playing it safe and being defensive. It is time to take action and claim what is ours.

Only those willing to risk going too far can find out how far they can go -T.S.Elliot

Look at your market & see who is leading. Do you ever felt that it should be you who should be there in the top? Did you ever felt that you could do it better? By any chance have you ever wonder what would it like to be in the winner’s league?

Who knows you might do better than the current market leader. You just have to go for it, go turbo and give your 110%.

Go ahead and claim your spot. Be that dominating force in your market and change it once and for all.

Funny thing is, as long as you are happy with what you are, you will stay here forever. So this is the time you must raise your bar of expectation, think high and dream bigger.

Welcome to BlogKori. My entire life I was in my comfort zone, I was nobody. Things changed dramatically when I went to the extreme. I rediscovered myself as a warrior, built a business and earned raving fans.

You want to do the same? Then go ahead and start reading my blog. Returning readers, I am doing a reboot of my blog. It will now cover the topics of entrepreneurship, marketing and small business tips.

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