Why is it Important to Have a Blog?

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You are hearing about this buzzword blog a lot lately, but why should you care? Is blogging actually worth your time or is it just some dumb fad? It would be foolish to pass on the idea entirely without inspecting it first, so today we’re going to find out if is it important to have a blog or not.

A blog is a form of digital automation that can amplify your message to a large number of people. You get to leave a digital trail of your work that brings you new opportunities.

But why is it important to have a blog? Because a blog allows you to showcase your expertise in the form of articles that will come up in Google search. Other than building authority, a blog is also a platform you own, can monetize, and sell.

Here at BlogKori, we like to blog as a way of building online businesses that generate passive income. We are interested in adding value to our audience and help them make better decisions. Having a blog enables anyone to be omnipresent; work hard once and reap the benefits for years to come.

The central idea of online-based passive income is to set up digital automation tools such as blog websites and serve customers while we chill. For this very reason, it is important to have a blog.

Let’s dive in deep and give you a clear picture of why having a blog is better and the alternative is a waste of time.

A blog is a digital automation tool

You already learned that a blog is a form of automation. But why would you care?

Because we are busy. 

At the end of your workday, you have a difficult choice to make:

Either you spend quality time with your family, work on your hobbies or

You could go to networking, promoting your stuff.

But time is limited.

We can only talk to so many people and it’s always a never-ending chore.

But if you blog…

You can spend some time writing extremely useful articles that help out your target audience. You create new content and your blog grows.

And over time that content comes up in Google Search and it automatically serves that audience.

A blog is a wonderful automation tool that can spread digitally. You will write a blog post once and continuously serve an audience for years to come. Having a blog makes it possible to replace yourself.

Instead of networking, you can take some time out to write an excellent piece of article.

Over time, the number of articles will pile up in your blog and once you have a dozen of those articles they will start popping up in Google search and bring you new leads and opportunities. 

In fact, this exact strategy helped me get new freelance clients on a constant basis. The posts I had written years ago are still bringing me fresh leads to this day.

Soon you will have enough content in your blog that it’s generating a constant supply of clients on a regular basis. At that point, you can decide to stop writing and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

You will have enough clients to work with and you will no longer need to spend extra time looking for new clients. So then you can enjoy spending quality time with your family or doing bar-b-que.

But now you must be thinking about social media. After all, social sites can help you do the same with an existing userbase. Why on earth you would spend time building a blog? It’s because blogging is better than social networks, here’s how,

It’s better than social media

Today, if you want to promote yourself or your business, you need to promote digitally.

Many experts recommend you spend time working on social media.

Well, that sounds simple but,

Please tell me if this sounds familiar:

You have created a social media profile, started following experts in your field and after a while, you know how it works.

Now it’s time to create content and show your expertise.

You put your heart and soul into crafting the best post you can possibly create.

Hit publish

…and the post is trending! 

You are receiving new interactions, comments, new contacts, and lots of positive response. 

You are thrilled!

But after a few days, the notifications stop coming.

You don’t see any engagements coming from that post anymore because the post is buried deep into the newsfeed.

Suddenly you are back to square one and you have to start the process all over again.

With social media, you have to constantly keep posting content and engage with people. Those of us who have done this for a while know how much time it takes to keep up with sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. 

It just never ends.

The worst part of pushing content on social media is: your content expires quickly in the void of the news feed.

It’s extremely difficult to find and categorize your old social media posts in the flood of all other posts.

Compare that to a blog, you get to organize your blog posts in categories. 

The best thing about blogging is, your content has a longer shelf life because the visitors come to the site through Google searches.

Even this day, I get new visitors coming to the blog articles I have written over ten years ago! Will that be possible with social media?

Not a chance!

But there is one more reason you should blog, and that’s because it’s a platform you own and control.

A platform you own

Your blog is your own platform. Here, you will get to set your own rules. You won’t be restricted by what you can post and monetize.

The biggest complaint social media has is, they often restrict the topics you can talk about. On YouTube, many topics get demonetized. Some creators spend weeks pouring their heart and soul into a video, writing, shooting, editing, and then promoting, only to be demonetized by YouTube. It discourages them from creating their next video because they don’t know if the new one is going to be slapped again or not.

Twitter and Facebook will ban a user if they did not follow their content guidelines that change too often. Many Twitter users had to delete the tweets they posted ten years ago just because these will not go according to their updated terms of service.

Now imagine this…

You are a content creator in social media who has spent years building your audience with lots of quality content. 

One fine day, the gods of the platform decided to pull the plug on you because one of the content you posted many years ago does not abide by the rules they updated recently. As a result, they decided to either delete those posts, demonetize them, or entirely ban you from the platform. Whichever way, you are screwed and you have nothing in return for your hard work.

Having a blog reduces this risk because you own it. When you start a self-hosted blog, you own the entire platform. 

There won’t be any topic you can’t monetize, there won’t be anything you can’t say (make sure you are not actually breaking your country’s law).

Now I am not saying you should drop social media entirely. Social media is important to grow your brand, so it’s better to keep your blog as your primary hub and use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to bring new people to your platform. This to make sure, if someday, one of your social media accounts gets banned, then you won’t have anything crucial to lose.

Finally, the most important reason to have a blog is that it’s an asset with resale value.

It’s a transferrable asset

Blogs are no joke, they are serious business. If you don’t believe me, then have a look at how much they are going for in the auction.

Having your own blog and making money from it makes it a lucrative asset. You can sell off this blog just like you would sell any physical property. This single attribute makes blogging the best investment to make.

Earlier I talked about blogging to get customers to your existing business. I want to take it one step further and fulfill the customers directly with the blog. 

With a blog, we can make money by:

  • Selling affiliate products and earning commissions
  • Placing banner advertisements
  • Offering paid membership option
  • Selling our own digital product

All these things are only possible when you have your own blog. You can start monetizing your blog and once you are generating decent revenue, you can sell this blog in the marketplace.

Build it and forget it

We are not interested in having yet another job of blogging. A blog is an automation tool that can run on its own, once we have put enough work into it. It will then keep on serving users and earn us a regular paycheck every month.

Even if you don’t wish to directly monetize a blog, it’s still a great investment for your business because it lets you amplify your reach. Blogging regularly will help you come up on Google search and you will be seen as an expert in your field. 

I highly suggest you look into blogging and give it a go. If you are interested in how to build blogs for building online passive incomes, then you should follow my blog and check out my other helpful tips.

Go ahead and,

  • Start a blog website to build an online business
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