Why bloggers shouldn’t share their earnings with the world?

Why bloggers shouldn’t share their earnings with the world?

When I first started to blog, I didn’t even know that bloggers can earn money with their free blogs. After reading some blogging blogs I got interested and one thing that inspired me that was bloggers sharing their revenue, checks etc. I got so much interested into blogging and to see if I can make a dollar with my blog?

After that I found John Chow Dot Com and again he shows his 5 figure earnings per month. With this entire year of blogging, I realized that earning with a blog is extremely hard and even harder when you have only one employee in your business -you!

But I started to earn a regular income from my blog within the 6th month but didn’t create a post to share my achievements. Now I always know that someday someone will ask about this. Few days ago I received this comment from Jakaria Uzzal,

“Hellow Tamal, many blogger explain ho much mony they earn after end of month. Why don’t you publish your earning?”

I posted a reply to his comment, but now the thing I want to express is why money making bloggers shouldn’t share their earnings with the world.

![Why bloggers shouldn't share their earnings with the world?](blogkori.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/mon.. "Why bloggers shouldn't share their earnings with the world?")

Income is not a metric to determine blogger’s success

If you post all about your income in your blog, then your readers will think that all you want is income, nothing else. Money can be made with jobs, small businesses and from any other ways but blogging is different. Blog is a tool to interact with the world. The things I learned in 1 year of blogging couldn’t be learned spending 20 years in a typical job. It gives an opportunity to help people and to inspire them even if they are thousands of miles away from you.

A mass audience will be discouraged

As a blogger, I target all of world for maximum chance for success. Check your Alexa data and see what are the major portion of your readers,

![alexa-data](blogkori.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/ale.. "alexa-data")

The main two countries that are sending me traffic are USA and India, east and west. Now these two countries have different economical status and are in different time zones.

For an example, if any blogger earns $200 a month and posts it on his blog, then visitors from India and all other related countries will increase because the average income of a person in India is $200 or less.

On the other hand, visitors from USA, Canada and Europe will go away because they are making even more per month with their jobs and business and why they want to read $200 worth blogging tip? So you should not share your earnings if you want to get traffic from both of the continents.

Earnings will spoil new bloggers

Earning reports are not inspiring everytime, sometimes they encourage people to blog even if they don’t know about it. This is why they run for the money from the very beginning and most people even quit their jobs. Money making bloggers should inspire people how to become a better blogger. Creating a better blog will bring traffic, popularity and money. When you’ll share, you made $xxx from adsesne, they will put adsense on their site and wait for the clicks; when you’ll share you made $xxx from PayPerPost, then they will apply for PPP and wait for the approvel. Different bloggers found success in different streams of income and one tip won’t help everyone.

The more you hide the more they come!

Then I found Darren Rowse from ProBlogger -the blogging idol of the world. He doesn’t shares how much money he’s making with his blogs and everyone wants to know that information. People are desperate to know his income and we imagine that he’s a 6 figure earner. So with this example, it’s clear that the more you hide about your income, the more they will be interested in your blog. People are watching that I’m earning from 6-8 different streams and also started my own web design and domain flipping business, they can imagine how much I’m making but I won’t tell the actual figure!

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