Google page rank is one most highly desired search status that everyone wants to get it who ever learns about it. Now getting your first ever page rank is a great experience, especially when it’s a big one! Yes I got my first page rank as PR 3 for my first blogspot blog.

What to do when you had a Page rank drop?

When I got my first PR, back in March 2008, I didn’t even know how it works and how I got such a high number for such a new blog. When some people gets a bigger page rank, other people suffers a page rank drop, like dropping from PR 4 to 3; 2 to 1 or 1 to 0. Now on this article, I’d like to explain this fact and what you should do if you had a page rank drop?

Case study: How I got PR 3 in 3 months?

I got my first page rank for as PR 3.  I thought I got PR 3 because of my regular articles but the reality is, this was all of because one site linking to my blog which was a Page Rank 5 blog. At that point I didn’t have enough backlinks to my blog. Few months later, that blog shut down and my page rank was now dropped at PR 2.

After 2 more updates, (July ’08 and December ’08) it still was on PR 2. This truly makes sense that this domain is really a PR 2 domain and it won’t increase until I build some more links -I don’t have to because now I have a new domain on it:

The big myth!

When the page rank drops, most people think that Google punished you. It’s not true because the current link popularity will determine the PR. If “A” links to you and his page rank had a drop, you’ll be affected too. So the tip is to build enough incoming links that your PR won’t drop for other links.

There are 2 Page Ranks, one that we see on the toolbar and the other determined to put your pages on the search results. If you’ll get punished, your search Page Rank will decrease.

Avoiding page rank drops

Blogs are different than websites. Take a google search for -you’ll see around 300 results. This means 300+ pages are indexed from BlogKori. The big advantage of a blog is, every page will be ranked individually. Where your blog homepage is a page rank 3, other internal pages will be PR 2/1. Internal pages can outrank your home page too! For an example, when my blogspot blog was PR 3, one of the internal pages were PR 4.

What to do when you had a Page rank drop? blogkori

You can easily increase your homepage rank by linking to your homepage from most of your blog posts. When ever you try to build some incoming links, try to build links for internal pages -not your homepage all the time!

One of my web designer friends, Darrell from had a problem with mass linking. He gave away free templates and each of them linked to his homepage. Some of these links turned into useless links, causing a page rank drop. My idea is to link to the internal page, not the homepage -so if anything goes wrong, one page will suffer and not the main page.

What to do with a PR drop?

My advice for you is to calm down. It won’t be fixed until the next update. Whenever your Page Rank drops (I never wish for that!) try to think which blogs have removed your link and which ones had a PR drop? Now you have to keep your blog going and build some more incoming links.

Some people start to remove all outgoing links from their blog. It’s bad for your friends and they will have a drop too! Try to keep one link for a longer time, 6-12 months or even more! If you’d like to sell links, make sure you keep it for at least 3 months.

The final motivation

Google Page Rank is just a search status and it doesn’t determine the quality of your writing. Your friends won’t leave your blog if you had a PR drop. Write more outstanding articles and make connection with people around you and you’ll get to your ultimate destination.