What to blog about and some basic things to know about

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Now that you have a blog, this question would come up to your mind that what should you blog about? Why are you asking this to me? Ask yourself. You know what to blog about better than me. For blogging you have to choose the topic you are good at. The topic could be music, technology, science or may be computers. There are lots of things to blog about. Some people even blog about their life.

Please don’t blog about any topic which you found others are blogging too. Blog about the thing/ subject you like and can blog forever. Please remember, once you choose a topic, you have to blog about it forever. You can’t change it or else you will not succeed in it. Just answer the question, “What is your hobby?” If it is games, then blog about games, if cricket, then blog about it.

These are the terms which are used on blogging and their meanings,

  • Visior = A person who have visited your blog
  • Hit = A single amount of visitor
  • Unique visitor = A person who have visited the page once in 24 hours
  • Page view = Number of pages viewed
  • Traffic = Visitors/ Hits etc
  • Search Engine = Google, Yahoo etc
  • SEO = Search Engine Optimization, The strategy behind a successful site
  • URL = Web address
  • Monetize = Money making strategy
  • Social Bookmarking = Adding a URL in social sites
  • RSS/ Feed = Really Simple Syndication
  • Backlink/ Linkback = A page linked from another site/ page
  • Blogroll = A list of blogs/ sites on a page
  • Front page = The main page of a blog
  • Sidebar = The side that contains links etc
  • HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language, The code behind a site
  • Java Script = Code written in Java language
  • Widget = Web gadget
  • Podcast = Audio blog
  • Vblog/ Vlog = Video blog
  • Rank = The position of a website in serch engines
  • Posts = The single article on a blog

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