Week 5 of English Composition 1 at UoPoeple

This week in English composition we were given tasks to read and analyze abstracts. The instructor announced, if we research and find our own abstract from the library, she will award us an extra 5 points. I am going for the bonus and spent more than 5 hours this week to find an appropriate article for my essay. I don’t want to miss a single opportunity to improve my grades and so far I’m doing well with my grades.

This week was a bit stressful because of my lack of sleep due to the summer heat. Because of the time I spent looking for the article, I didn’t do any extra studies. I read the short story Salt by Sherman Alexie.

I also have to think about the courses I need to take for the next term. I am thinking about taking 2 courses. I got in touch with Katherine Mays, who runs a vlog about her studies at UoPoeple. I asked for her advice on picking courses because she is also majoring in CS and in her junior or senior year I think. I got the idea to document my journey at UoPeople after watching her videos.

This week I continued with my self-learning. I am learning how to work with pure Node.js. I built out a small project and published a post about it.