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Endless scrolling in social media?

Hey it’s Tamal again. Last night I had an idea to start a 7 day English blogging challenge. Well at first I started this challenge for Bangladeshi people but I guess everyone from around the world should participate in this too, for good.

So if you are connected with me and my blog, no matter where you are you should participate in this challenge.

Allow me to explain.

Before social media, there were blogs and forums. Blogs were the only social media tool to broadcast your opinion, your point of view and your journey. Then social media such as facebook and twitter took it over. Now we have an open and easy platform to express our daily lives.

But over the last couple of years, social media has become worst. I find myself scrolling for hours in facebook, liking posts, watching a viral video or reading the headline about a news story. I can’t see the posts from the people who matter most to me. People are sharing less and less personal stuff in facebook.

It made me a zombie. I have zero attention span, I cannot focus on my work. I have to constantly check on notifications. I can’t read a long article online and reflect upon it for 5 minutes.

If it is happening with you too, then,

This needs to stop.

We should start building our content on the platforms we own, like my own blog.

Join with me in this 7 day blogging challenge. Use the hashtag #7daybloggingbd or #7daybloggingchallenge when you share the posts in social media.

And please leave a comment after reading this post, let me know your thoughts please.

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