Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For Less

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Upgrade to Your Professional Domain, Web Host & WordPress Blog For LessBuilding an internet based business has never been this easy. You can build your own online business within hours and you don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars. This is the right time for you to upgrade. And you can do the transition for a fraction of cost!

I know you too want to move up, but few things keeping you down. For some it is the high cost of a domain/web hosting and for some the technical aspect is just too much confusing. But in this post I will guide you to the cheapest and the easiest way where you can start building your online empire.

No more blogging in a sub domain like yourwebsite.blogspot.com –time to move on to a professional domain like yourwebsite.com. Get the power and reliability of a web host, a wordpress self hosted account and a professional email, like: [email protected]

Meet FatCow!

fatcow logoFatCow is a web hosting company. They are famous for their cheapest web hosting rates. And by cheap they are not offering any rubbish products, it’s just they are charging less money for their services.

Fatcow is in the web hosting business for over 10 years and it is owned by the same company that owns iPage web hosting solutions. While most web hosting companies charge $10-20/month for web hosting, fatcow charges just $2-3 per month in web hosting for your blog.

Now why do you think they are charging so less?

This is because web hosting business is a very profitable business. One who gets a subscription will continue for years. FatCow is backup by million dollar capital and this is why they are offering the best deal to defeat their competitors.

Domain + Web Hosting + WordPress, All in one package

With every fatcow package you will get a free domain name when you sign up. And since you are registering a new domain name, it is already programmed to be used on the account. So you don’t have to configure it yourself.

Take a look at these following screenshots and see how quickly and easily you can get everything step by step,

First go to fatcow using my special discount link (my affiliate link)

fatcow hosting

Now type in your domain that you want to register (for free)

register a free domain

Now in step #2 add your personal details and select a payment method, (if you have a prepaid debit card like Payoneer Mastercard, you can use that too!)

enter your billing info

Now select a 1 year plan (if you wish and can afford, then select more years) Uncheck the domain privacy option,

select plan and uncheck domain privacy

Next uncheck additional products that they have set,

uncheck other products

Now see your final total, you should be billed just 44.04 for one year web hosting + a free domain name (worth $15)

continue to checkout,jpg

Now after you are set with your account, now it is time to install wordpress software on your domain. Now don’t worry because there is a one click app in the control panel that helps you with everything,

setup wordpress in fatcow

Just proceed with the steps and you will be ready with you self hosted wordpress blog in no time!

How much does FatCow web hosting costs?

FatCow costs less than the majority of web hosting services. They usually charge $2-3/mo for the account. They also offer the domain name for free so you are saving a good $15.

And most of the times FatCow offers a special deal. For an example they are offering this special deal of 65% off for BlogKori readers only. So if you are reading this and you want to take full advantage of it, click here to register for fatcow

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