Hi young entrepreneurs, you always wanted to start your own business online, or at least wanted to earn some money online. With this guide you will learn the ways to start your very own service based business online and start making money offering your services. Now I will recommend you to start your business online -why?

Building A Business Online Costs Less

Yes of course it costs less comparing to an actual business; your website can be your office, just like it is for me. All you need is a domain name and a web hosting service. Additionally you might need some help to design your website or write content for the site. After that you are ready to start your very own online business.

Building An Online Business is Easy

To start online you don’t have to take an office space for rent, buy furniture nor hiring employees. If you are doing everything online, then you will need some good knowledge over websites and the internet. In today’s web you don’t have to learn code for building websites. If you are able to publish pages and connect with your customers, you can run your very own business online.

Step by Step: How to start & run your own business online

Brainstorm a Business Plan: It starts with a plan. Determine what you are going to offer, such as piano lessons, yoga classes or you are going to sell a product. Set how you will offer that service and how you will going to make profit.

Setup your Website: Buy your domain, get web hosting and setup your website. You have to build your site and fill it up with content. You can also get help to design your site by outsourcing some other designer or a writer to help you in the process.

Promote your Business Site in Social Media: Use facebook, twitter and all other social media sites to promote your site and service. You can also write a blog which will help you further market your services.

Advertise: Just because it’s a business and it will make you money, it means you should also spend some money on advertisements such as PPC, paid reviews, banner ads and text links. If you are offering a service to your local area, you can use traditional methods of ads as newspaper, posters or classifieds.

Set real goals and achieve them: Set smaller targets such as earning $XXXX per month or serving X number of clients each month. It will help you overcome and set bigger goals for upcoming months.

Take notes of what worked and what didn’t and you will soon be improving your services. You will learn how to handle clients and work + build a good reputation online.

From Ted Goff
Source: http://www.tedgoff.com/

Start your Business in Smaller Scale

It is the best tip, start with less. After you get to know the market, you can expand it. If you fail, you will lose less money. For most startups, they have less money to invest so starting with small becomes the only option available -the risk will be less!

Start the Business as a Long Term Investment

When you start something, you won’t see immediate results. It may take months to see interested clients or potential customers coming through, so let’s be patient. In the while you connect with other people in your field to get some work. You can talk with your friends online, connect with a community or create your work portfolio. You can also do some charity work where you are not taking any money for your services but it will result to get some new connections and reputation.

Take Help from Marketplaces

Getting started on your own is a tough job so you can get work from other well established sites. If you are a designer, you can get work from odesk or elance to get work. If you are selling a product, then you can find some sites that will help you get customers for exchange of the profit share.

A Special note from Tamal to New Entrepreneurs

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