Have you heard of SQUIDOO? Probably yes because whenever we seek for any information about a specific product, we get to a squidoo site. Now what is squidoo? Squidoo located at Squidoo.com is a service that allows you to create one page sites (lens). Now why would you like to have a free page where there are many sites who offer a complete free website? There are mainly 2 reasons,

The Popularity of SQUIDOO

Squidoo is very popular website with a growing user base, you can rank your lens and get visitors from the squidoo site itself. Other benefit is search engines such as google, yahoo and bing like squidoo. So it is easier to get traffic with a squidoo lens comparing to any other free website.

Earn Money with SQUIDOO

Yes you can earn money from your Squidoo! Put adsense ads or link to your affiliate program; infolinks and other promotional sponsors are added automatically in the lens, so what you have to do is to take the share from the site. Amazon affiliate products are also there and you can just put your affiliate id and you can start making money with every sale.

How to Start a Squidoo lens and in which topic?

This is very easy, go to Squidoo.com and sign up for the service then click to create a new lens. This is not actually your site, it’s a hub for information and you can create so many of these. When you create a new lens, you put the name, description and modules (text, images, RSS, links etc) this way it become web 2.0 (new web) friendly.

In order to make money from your lens, you have to make it worthy and have lots of lenses. You can pick a topic for the lens and have a goal to promote your service. Such as you are promoting your web hosting service such as Hostgator. Create a lens about the good and bad things of hostgator or a user review lens. In the lens you put the affiliate link, so when people will get the hosting, you make money.

So in a nut shell in order to make a good money from Squidoo, you have to create a niche (topic) lens. Additionally there will be related ads, infolinks ad, adsense ads and amazon related products (which you can set in the options)

The great benefit of Squidoo is, it is FREE to join that means you don’t have to invest any money to earn money and you also don’t have to worry about designing the site.

How to Promote/ Publicize your Squidoo lens?

You have created a brilliant page, have ads on it but you won’t get any results until you promote it. This is the hardest part of any website success; unlike any other site, promotion is the same but here are some pointers which will help you get up with the promotion,

  • Forums: You can put your squidoo link on forums with related topic; add the link on your signature; start a discussion describing your lens.
  • Blog comments: Comment on relevant blogs with your link.
  • Facebook/Twitter: Put the link on groups, pages and twitter account.
  • Squidoo groups: There are squidoo groups in squidoo website and you can promote your lens there as well.
  • Comment on other related lenses: There are related lenses in the sidebar, go to these lenses and comment, do leave the lens link you are promoting.
  • Email your friends about the lens and ask them to pay a visit
  • Create a youtube video and describe what problems your lens will solve and share the link
  • Create other small lenses and link to your main lens

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HomeWork for this Week

  1. Sign up for Squidoo
  2. Create a lens on your preferred topic
  3. Fill it up with original writings
  4. Find a product to promote (suggested:  hostgator webhosting ~ $50 per sale)
  5. Promote your lens to at least five sites (facebook, twitter, blog etc)
  6. Put your lens link on this post as comment
  7. Join a Squidoo group