Do you know about social bookmarking? These are the sites we use often like digg, stumble upon, reddit or delicious. Each user uses different bookmarking site depending on the taste. As a blogger you should focus on social bookmarking, because it’s one of the easiest ways to build incoming links and fast traffic. You should do it because,

Bookmarks = Backlinks = SEO benefits

It works like this: You published and article, Mr. A comes to your site and he likes it. He bookmarks it by adding it to his favorite site Digg. Now his friend Mr. B checks his digg profile and founds your site and becomes your reader too! After that he bookmarks another page from your blog and this is how it goes on using word of mouth.

How to bookmark, the smart way?

Most people spend hours on 10 or 20’s of bookmarking site to submit their posts. Some people even pay money to some automated bookmarking sites. But this won’t help you because these automated or bulk links won’t benefit you.

The key is to get the help from your readers. If you use five sites, then bookmark your article on five places (+5 backlinks) Put the bookmarking widget on your posts and ask your readers to bookmark it. If you get 100 visitors and 50 of them bookmark it once, that means you’re getting 50 more backlinks without any effort.

On the other hand, those bookmarks will bring new visitors, that means this will go on and on. Here are some of the useful bookmarking widgets,


ShareThis is the leading service in this sector. You have to sign up for a free account to get a green share this button. You can track your bookmarking and use age statistics with your account. They offer visitors to submit to any bookmarking sites and they can also email friends or re-blog about the post.


AddThis is the competitor of ShareThis. They offer a simple looking bookmark button. When your readers will hover the mouse pointer on it, they will see different sites to bookmark it. You’ll also need an account to use this service.

Add to any

Add to any is the service that I’m using with my blog currently. The cool thing is that “you don’t have to sign up for an account” to get the button. You can also integrate google analytics with this to track your bookmarking statistics.

Tell a friend

Tell a friend is a new service with the same concept. You have to sign up to use this service. This service doesn’t support much social sites right now.

How to add it on my blog?

All of these services have some special automated ways to add it on your blog. You have to select your blog platform and you’ll have it. WordPress users can search these services from the plugins directory and add it to their blog automatically.

Blogger users: First you should get the widget code of the bookmarking buttons. Go to your blogger Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML. Now click on “Expand widget template.” Search this code by pressing CTRL+D

<p class=”post-footer-line post-footer-line-3″>

Now add your button code under this code. Click “Save template

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