BlogKori Theme

I am glad to present to you BlogKori, a minimalist free WordPress theme for blogs.

BlogKori is a theme for self-hosted blogs or websites.

This is my first contribution to the WP theme directory, I named it after my blog and planning to use it for this site.

Here are some of the core features of this template:

Main Focus: Typography

The emphasis of this theme is in it’s typography, so if you are building a text heavy site and want your readers to get lost into your writing, this theme is for you.

This makes BlogKori an ideal theme for:

  • Personal blogs
  • News sites
  • Travel blogs
  • Blog for writers/journalists
  • Review sites
  • Story writers

I have used the golden ratio into the typography of this blog. There is a balance of font, sizes and gaps within the overall structure. This will make your readers sink into your writing and stay on your blog for longer. This theme has a lite color palette so that your readers can focus more on the content.

SEO Optimized Structure

This theme uses HTML5 markup in the site structure. In HTML5 there are some new tags which helps the search engines to easily distinguish various parts of the website.

There is a tag called the <nav> tag which is there for the navigation menu. I have put the primary navigation menu inside the <nav> tag. Google will treat the links in the nav menu as the most important nav links.

Another important HTML5 tag is the <article> tag. This identifies the important content of a page. When you create a page or a blog article, it will be wrapped around the <article> tag. This will tell Google and other search engines that the content inside this tag is the most important in this page.

Using the BlogKori theme will give your site an SEO head start.

Theme Features

BlogKori is a very basic and clean theme. Currently there are just a few standard features which can be changed from the WordPress customizer.

  • Add a logo or banner into your site.
  • Change the background color or add an image as a background.
  • The theme has threaded/nested comments.
  • Add Google Analytics or other tracking scripts into your site from the theme options.
  • You can add a featured image into your blog posts.

Currently, the feature image will stay to the right of the blog post and have a maximum width of 300 pixels. More info can be found on the documentation page of this theme here.

Download + Get Notified for Pro Version

I am working on the next 2020 update of the BlogKori theme. Please sign up to download the current theme and get notified for the pro version.