The Man from Another Dimension (Prelude)

“Hello.. my name is Jax. I am a traveler.”

“..I may look like you, talk like you but I am not from here.”

“..You can think of me as an Alien.”


Everything was blurry.

My head was messy.

I could not understand a thing.

Who is this guy talking to me?

Where am I?

Who am I?

What happened?

I started to regain consciousness.

This guy,

..about 6 feet tall. Wearing a long coat with a hat. Can’t see his eyes for the hat. Is he some detective from these old Hollywood movies?

The small room is brightly lit. I can feel it’s night time. I am sitting on a chair, next to a large table. Is this an interrogation room?

Am I in a police station?

Have I done something?


I’m just a girl living with her parents in this big city. I was about to finish my school next year. My life was going great, how did I end up in this trouble?


That man called my name. Yes my name is Angel, I remember.

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

Now I could see his eyes.


His eyes are different.

I cannot explain what it is..

It feels like..

There is a whole world inside his eyes.

Mountains, caves, valleys, paths, canyons..

Everything inside his eyes are glowing orange, and red.

I wanted to see more, until..

I guess I passed out again.

I can feel I was knocked out for more than 10 hours or so.

This time I am in an open field.

Where am I?

Looks like a countryside.

Out of the big city.

There is a weird silence here.

I can see some mountains around me, the weather is warm.

I am in the middle of a field. Laying down on the grass.

I started to get up slowly to sat down.

Where is this place?

That guy is not far from me. But looks like he is walking towards me.

Now he is wearing a different cloth, but I can tell it’s the same guy.

He is also wearing a pair of sunglasses.

He must be 21 or something.

The sun is shining onto his face. He looks stunning.

Stranger: “I’m sorry that I caused you pain.”

Stranger: “..But you know it’s natural.”

Stranger: “..You are not supposed to get around my kind..”

I stopped him,

Angel: “Wait, what are you talking about, who are you? Where am I?”

Stranger: “Listen Angel, I’m not what I look like. I am more than what you can percive”

He paused for a moment.

Then he said,

Stranger: “My name is Jax and I am a Bezillien”

Things are getting even more confusing. But now I remember. He is this weird guy I was following.

I was stalking this guy for over a week.

He looked so cute and equally mysterious.

It felt like an adventure following him through the streets.

I wanted to talk to him but I could not find a way. I wanted to ask him about what he does everyday in the museum. From morning till afternoon he just looks at different things with this weird obsession.

Finally I got the excuse to talk to him.

Yes I remember, I was going to talk to him about that dinosaur skull he was staring at.

And then I passed out.

I must have been so nervous that I fainted over him.

How embarrassing.

Jax: “I think you are not listening Angel.”

Angel: “How do you know my name?”

Jax: “You told me, when we first met”

Angel: “I did? But I think I passed out.”

Jax: “It happened because you looked at my eyes. Everyone who looked at my eyes first fainted.”

Now I realized that under his sunglasses, he is also blindfolded.

I was shocked, I said,

Angel: “Hey what happened to your eyes? Can’t you see?”

Jax: “I can see everything. Like I said before, I am a Bezillien. I can see even with blindfolded. I did this so you don’t look into my eyes and pass out again.”

Surprised, shocked, confused.

He looks friendly.

I’m curious, I want to know more about him. So I asked,

Angel: “You said you are not from here, are you an alien from another planet?”

Jax: “Not from another planet, I’m from another dimension.”

I could not stop wondering. I wanted to know so much more about him. I had so many questions in my mind but could not figure out what to ask first.

I took a deep breath and told him,

“Tell me more about you..”

[ be continued]