IZEA is the main company behind PayPerPost.com, SocialSpark and many more. They have their own blog ranking system which is called the IZEA ranks. If you are willing to earn money online via PayPerPost paid reviews, then you must have at least better izea ranks.

As you know about PayPerPost, the better rankings you have, the more and better paying task you will get. It means that all of the factor behind big money making with PPP is only good rankings. They measure Google’s page rank, Alexa web rank and Izea ranks.

Most of the advertisers look for a good page rank so it would be tough for a beginner to earn big bucks. Google Page rank updates in every 3 months so that means you have to wait for a long time for the next update. Izea ranks updates every week and they measure how many people visit your blog and that’s how they rank your site.

The good news is that, most of the advertisers of PPP are now looking for Izea ranks and this is how I got few jobs for BlogKori worth $60+ in just 5 days.
To get Izea ranks, you have to install the ITK code into your blog. Go to IzeaRanks.com and sign up for a free account. Add your blog and then add the code. You can also do this if you add the ranks widget in your blog and then people can also view your Izea rank.
You can still get ranks without signing up for an account. Log in to your PayPerPost account and click ‘My blogs’

Select your blog and click, ‘Get code.’

You will see the special meta code in the bottom of the page. Copy and paste the code in your blog’s HTML.

After you done the job, you will now see ‘Thumbs Up icon’ next to your blog which means you have added the code.

PS: The only way to get better Izea ranks is to get more traffic to your blog. Adding the widget may also help. If you want traffic then read,