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How Does Affiliate Marketing Works?

affiliate-marketingSo you must have heard of affiliate marketing and people can make money being an affiliate. But what is it exactly and how it works? In this article I am going to share what affiliate marketing is and how it really works.

To make it really simple, I am going to share a real life example. I have launched BlogKori Academy which is an online coaching platform. My readers can join this course and learn from me through videos. My course is priced at $49-$99.

Now the thing is, in order to have more sales, I need to attract more students. My resources and reach is limited. So what I did was to offer an affiliate program. In this program someone can join as an affiliate (for free) and promote my course. When they make a sale, I will pay a percentage of the profit to that affiliate. This is called an affiliate commission.

I am using software so the sales tracking and commissions are managed automatically. So you see that this way I can reach more people and sell more. On the other hand my affiliate is making money by promoting my stuff.

It’s a win win situation for both of us. So this is how exactly affiliate marketing works. [Continue reading…]


Why You Need to Be Aggressive in Pursuing Your Goals

shark attackBy default we all like to play it safe and be defensive. It is something that most people are doing, I was doing it for years and chances are that you are doing it still now. But it is time you should level up and show some aggression.

We are the masters of our own selves. You will be treated the way you want others to treat you. You can barely make a living or choose to be in the elite’s league. The choice is yours.

I realized this while playing some video games. I like to play some action games and in one mission I was stuck. I tried to play defensive, I tried to go stealth but I was failing every time.

It was taking me forever just to go from one room to another. Time was running out. I was afraid of my enemy, I was afraid to get shot and most of all I was afraid of failing the mission.

Then my brother asked me to play rough, to play aggressively. [Continue reading…]


Google Glass, Baidu Eye, Apple… Start of a New Era?

google glass futuristicGoogle recently showed a prototype demo of a new technology called google glasses. It’s a futuristic visual device that you can attach on your glasses and everything will show just like in the sci-fi movies.

Take a look at this official video if you haven’t seen it yet,

I kind of laughed the entire video because everything was staged and edited. It was not the actual thing. The actual google glass may get close to what it shows on the demo. Imagine you are walking on the street and it is analyzing everything it sees.

This one is even better:

But from a marketing perspective I have to say “Well done google!” this is something new and going towards a new direction.

Facebook introduced their family of apps on smartphone while google is just one step ahead to create a brand new marketplace. Baidu another search engine from China announced a similar product called “Baidu Eyes” –right after google.

So what would it like to have a smart glass instead of a smartphone? The possibilities are endless. You can search, shop, listen to music, watch videos and call your friends. Suddenly wearing glasses will be cool.

How will your websites look like on the smartglass platform? There will be room for wider display because your screen is not limited in pixels.

Since new technologies are emerging, I highly recommend you to claim your local business or shop on the maps.

list your local business in google places

Having your business listed on the map will help people walking on the streets with these smart devices be able to find you easily.

Adding your listing to Google Places for Business is free, and Google doesn’t accept payment to include particular listings or sites in our search results. However, we do offer locally-targeted advertising through Google AdWords Express.

To add your business on google places, visit this link –sign in with your google account and add your business. You will then receive a postcard in mail with a verification code. Verify your listing and your business will appear on google places/maps.

Your business place page will integrate with google plus and users can post photos and write reviews about your business.

google place page local listing

So go ahead and prepare for attracting more customers to your business with the help of new technology. What are your thoughts? And why stay limited to just glasses, go for contact lenses

(Enjoy this action clip from Mission Impossible 4)


How to Create Twitter Account & Set it Up

So from the last video I shared how to sign up for twitter, in this new video I will show you how you can create and setup your twitter account.

I mentioned that every second 11 twitter accounts are being created but the majority of these twitter accounts are not setup properly. If you setup your profile correctly you will look professional and will have more chance to get followed by others. The aim is to build a personalized twitter profile with your name, picture and a detailed bio.

Watch this video and learn how to create twitter account & set it up

Video Transcript:

Okay so far I have a new account on Twitter and I need to build up this profile. So if I build up this profile, I’ll be able to attract more people. So to do this you just have to go to settings and click on settings. Now you have to click on profile. Now I need to change okay I have already my photo I have my name setup I can change my location and you can set up your location so let me just set it “Bangladesh”

Then I can add a website I’m putting my blog here and also I need to put a descriptive bio. So that more people will be able to find my profile if I add something interesting about me. So I have wrote this bio

“I am a blogger web designer and I help people learn about internet marketing tools plus strategies let’s talk about blogging, social media, SEO and delicious foods.”

So this is important because you’re actually building up a personality over here and I can also long in to my Facebook account using this one. Anyways let me just click on save changes. Now if I go to me I shall see my updated profile with my description my location and my link. People can click on this link and visit my blog. There is an area to changes a picture of this black background.

I’m just clicking on edit and click here and select change header so I’m selecting this picture. So this is a car image. So, it’s better to have a picture than to have nothing. Anyways so I’m just setting up this picture and I can zoom in and out to make the picture bigger or smaller and when I’m happy, I will just click on save. Okay your header was published successfully let me click on me.

Okay so now my profile is personalized and so there you go I have completed my personal profile on Twitter and I hope you have enjoyed this video and we’ll see you on the next video, thank you.

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How to Sign Up for Twitter

Twitter is one of the top 3 social media sites of the internet. If you still don’t know what twitter is and how to sign up for an account, you should take a look at this video and sign up.

Twitter is huge! About 175 Million tweets are sent everyday and about 11 accounts are being created every second (source), so if you want to sign up for one, do it now!

Watch this video and learn how to sign up for twitter

Video Transcript:

First go to twitter.com and you need to create an account. To create an account you just have to type in your full name then you have to put your email address and then you have to select a password.

Now you have to click on sign up for twitter. On the next step you will see join twitter today -a message. Which will just show you all the details such as you can review your password your username your email and your fullname.

Let me to choose a username. I can see that my name is available so I am just using it.

So now you have to click on create new account. So the next you will see join twitter today which would give you option to change your full name, email address, the password and also the ability to choose your username.

So I can see that my name is available. I can use this as my username. Then you have to click on “Create my account”.

You also have to type in the CAPTCHA (security code) (951) and click on “create my account”

Now from the next window you’ll have to click on next.

Now Twitter wants you to follow people and this is the basic theme of twitter. It wants people to follow people and you’ll follow other people and other people would follow you.

So let me just follow a couple of people such as I love Ellen so let me click on it.
Oprah is fine.
Lady Gaga is also fine.
Britney Spears.
and let me just click on Lindsay Lohan.
Click on next.

So it will suggest me to follow five more people so they want me to follow about five more people so let me just go to the entertainment section. and..

Let me follow Paris Hilton
Entertainment Weekly
Doctor Drew
Funny or Die

Okay now you have to click on next.

It will ask for more so I’m just click on skip now.

So it is now requiring me to upload an image so let me just upload my profile image this will be my avatar and I can also write a small bio. Let me just write, blogger, web designer and a gamer. Click on done.

So I’m done now and the next step that I have to do is to confirm my email address. So that I can use the other features of twitter. So I have to confirm my twitter account.

I’m in my email inbox, I can see a message from twitter and it wants me to conform my account so I’m just clicking on it.

What I have to do this to click on this button and confirm my account. I will see a message that says your account has been confirmed, thanks.

Let me close them (other tabs) Okay so this is the twitter home feed and I can see all the tweets are shown from the people I follow. I follow ten people and there are the tweets that are currently in my feed. So these are the tweets. And I can click on one tweet and expand it. And I can see that there are the reaction and these people have reacted to the tweet.

I can see 55 ReTweets, 20 Favorites. A ReTweet is actually when you like a tweet and click to share it.

Then, The next thing is “Me” I am going to click on “Me” this in my profile I haven’t been tweeted yet so to tweet, you have to click on here. That says compose new tweet.

I’m just tweeting here… “Hi BlogKori Academy Students” -Tweet! So I have a tweet now, right now I am tweeting. Oh I have one follower already, let me just see who is following me. I have this follower maybe this is just a bot (spambot). Anyways so I can also see my tweets and following and followers.

I’m following these people. To view a profile, I can just click this link and there will be a profile summary. I will see a miniature version of that profile and I can see their details and, I am following, how many followers they have. Wow they have five million followers close to six million. And they are following just close to four thousand people and they have nine thousand tweets. These are a couple of tweets and I can mention them by clicking here by tweet to Funny or Die, and I can talk to them and if they reply I will have a mention too. I can also click on this link and see their full profile. So I’m on the Funny or Die twitter stream and I can see all the tweets they have tweeted and this is their personal twitter profile. And this is the background.

So going back to “Me” So you have learned how to sign up for twitter. I hope you have enjoyed this video. Thank you!


How to Speed Up Your Blog & Make It Load Faster

make your blog load fasterHey wake up! It’s the new interweb. If you really really want to stand out then you have to be quick. Trust me, people don’t want to be waited. They have hundreds of other websites they can switch to, so why they want to stick to your blog?

Speed matters! Over the years internet speed has been increased but sad enough the attention span of an average user has been decreased. So how will you make sure you will capture that first time visitor? You have to optimize your website so that it will load faster.

Now why do I need to speed up my blog?

#1 Not all of your blog visitors have a fast internet connection. Some people are even using a shared wifi connection.

#2 People are using the net on a cell phone or a tablet and they don’t have much time or data to use. Some people are even browsing from a small laptop that just doesn’t take the load.

#3 People just don’t want to wait when it comes to a new website or blog. They have tens of other options available on the internet at any given moment.

So let’s see how you can speed up your blog/website the right way, [Continue reading…]