Some simple tips which will help you to get better results from Stumble Upon,

Build a profile

Unlike any other social platforms, you have to build a good profile on SU. Add your picture, a bio and a little something about you. The topics you stumble through will define your profile better -this is the main part. So please make sure what kind of article you will stumble. Will you stumble Business, Politics, Tech or other topics. Stumbling a niche will help you to build a better profile than stumbling everything.

Use the community

Download the SU toolbar and use the site. Browse sites and discover great articles. Vote for quality articles. Make new friends and communicate with them, send articles. Use the site as your search engine -the way you search for things in a topic, not just as a community. When you found a nice site, take your time and browse it. I found great sites with this community.

Ask for favors and return more

Submit only best articles from your blog and ask for stumble help. Return more favors and help your friends. Ask for stumble but when you have to return it, don’t just stumble, give something more like a comment or a vote from other community. Don’t forget the quality of what you are promoting; ask for apology if you are unable to help him.

Turn supporters into friend

When a someone else thumbs your content, that means he liked your blog and he might be interested in more. So add him as friend and send him a message thanking him. When you have something new to promote, ask for his help too, he will sure like to help.

Turn readers into Stumblers

Why not make your readers into your fellow stumblers too? Educate them for this great community and see how it helps you to get more traffic. When your readers will become a stumble addict, they will promote your content on SU too. You can create blog post about stumble upon, communicate with readers about this topic or you can also refer your friends to read from other blogs about Stumble Upon. You can also share my blog for more resources.

Every Stumble counts

Its not about your blog, its about your stumble authority. Make sure you stumble promote the things that really deserves it. If your each thumbs up and submission brings lots of visitors to those pages, that means you are building a better SU profile. If you put same effort and time on each stumble(your and others content) you will build a great profile.

Stumble the users

You can also vote for stumble users too. This will help your friends to build a good profile. As a result you will get the favor in return too. Support those people who submit great quality articles and who are regular users. Subscribe to their stumbles as an extra support.

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