“Oh no! SU just changed their algorithm, now I’m not going to get more traffic from this source; I better look for other ways :(”

You should not worry about this if you use the Stumble community in the right way and you will still get more targeted visitors who will Thumbs Up! your content and stick with your blog. For months I’ve been using stumble upon to get quality visitors to my blog and I would like to show you some tips to get more benefits with this exciting social bookmarking site.

There are some MYTHS about SU and they are,

(1) You can’t submit your own content
(2) You can’t ask for stumbles and
(3) You can’t send your content

Let me tell you, I’ve been submitting my own contents from this blog and I’m getting very good results from it. SU is a web community and you should contribute to the site by adding great quality web pages and articles on their directory. As the same way I have been adding the quality articles(Not everything) from my blog on SU.

I have written about different money making websites, web tips and tricks and paid reviews but I didn’t submitted all of those articles on the community. I just only submitted those articles which really deserves some exposure.

You can always ask for stumble help from your friends. I don’t see it as spam, its the way you are making them aware of a nice article you provided. If its a quality article, it will help your friend too and he will sure Thumb it up for you, this is what friends for. Getting some extra stumble help makes an article stronger.

If you have 100 stumble friends and you asked all of them for a Thumbs up each, you might get the help but your article will lose the power because it will be then called spam. My idea is to sending 5-8 of your active stumble friends for a stumble. And off course few stumbles from power users are better than having 100’s from new users.

Stumble upon has an option to send the article to your friends. It can be done for sharing or for communication reason. This is one of the fastest ways to ask for a stumble. This is a great way to share articles and this is why this feature is for. I send the articles I stumble and ask them to check it out with a private message. This feature gives a personal touch with the system and helps to get a stumble help.

I get a reply message that he read this article and liked it, I reply again saying ‘thanks.’ This is not spam, this is human communication.