Hey all the veteran bloggers and blog readers! I just wanted to check up with you and see what’s the state of blogging.

The room symbolizes this blog
Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

I won’t take much of your time. Let me go straight to the facts:

Blogging is not dead but..

Blogging, the way we used to do is dead. People don’t read blogs the way they did 7-8 years ago.

Today, website content, and blogs are there to serve a specific purpose. Internet users are googling for information, they grab the info and go out.

Often times, the users are taking the info from the Google search page.

YouTube and Facebook are the new medum for blogging (vlogging)

YouTube and Facebook mobile apps are killing it these days. Thanks to new video technologies and faster internet speeds, users are glued to these platforms. Other than these big two, we have Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and many more. These are video specific social media sites.

YouTube rocks edited videos, vlogs, video essays, and experiments. While Facebook rolls with more raw footage, live videos and adventures.

So if you want to grow an audience, get started with video.

Reading Still Rocks

Users find their daily reading on sites like Medium and Quora.

Even Linkedin is pushing hard with their text based content. Users will stay with you if you give them a really comfortable reading experience. These reading focuses sites and apps know how to serve their users.

So, you want people to read your stories? Start publishing them on Medium and Linkedin. To emit the same feel on self hosted blogs, we need minimalist blog themes which rock on mobile devices.

WordPress Comments are Dead

Unfortunately, not many people leave comments on WordPress sites. The WordPress comment platform has been infested with spam.

The real discussion is happening on Twitter, and Facebook. Now it’s much more easier to strike a conversation with the author.

That being said, I turned off comment on my personal/work site and will be closing the comments here too.

The ongoing stream of content needs to stop!

Nobody wants to visit your blog everyday. Nobody cares, so stop publishing daily filler content. Instead, focus on more meaningful content. Content which are thought provoking and useful.

The web is huge now. Information is easily accessible. We need someone to break it down for us. We need to hear a point of view. We are seeking to hear from someone who has the same point of view.

Create the content which readers want to read and let’s hope it will work out in the end.