How to Start Your Own Online Business in 2013 (Infographic)

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small picThe world didn’t end in 2012; this means you are getting a second chance at life for starting your own business in 2013. You must be looking for a way to start your own business, but have no idea where to start. I have crafted this article which will guide you to start on your own and become successful with the internet.

I have started many businesses online in the past 5 years. Many were successful while some of them didn’t go as expected. With this knowledge in hand I can guide you to start your own online business and become successful with it.

Starting an online business is easy and affordable in this year 2013. You can start with merely a few hundred dollars and that’s it! So let’s take a look at this article and also the infographic:

How to start your own business
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Start solo

The best businesses start and takeoff with just one member. If you are completely new on starting an online business, then do not get more members to your venture. Don’t even brag about it to your friends. Start solo and when things go out of your abilities, only then recruit other members, start with your family then friends.

Start with a business plan with your journey

A written business plan or a mind map is what I am thinking of. It doesn’t have to be 3 page corporate documents. It can be outlined in a single piece of paper. It can be handwritten or typed. Include the date, your name, the name of your business, what it should do and what are the goals of this online venture.

Have your online name/brand

Setup one name that will act as your online brand. It can be your personal name or your company name. When I started this blog, “BlogKori” was the brand name when referring about this business. Then when I started my freelance business, I used my name “Tamal Anwar” as my brand. Now set your personal name if you are offering consultation or expertise services. You can also come up with a brand name when starting an online service or product.

Setup your online properties

Now that you have your online business concept ready, now you must setup your online properties. The most important one is your website, domain name and your web email. Get a good and memorable .COM domain name for your business, then setup wordpress on that domain. Also have a professional webmail ID under that name such as [email protected]

You can read this article on getting a professional domain and hosting for less

Setup payment processing

Now that you have started your own online business, you must use a payment processor to get paid. You should be able to accept PayPal and credit/debit cards from your clients. With an internet business your clients are from around the world and you need to setup a payment processor. I am using 2CheckOut as a payment processor to accept online payments.

Read the 2CheckOut review and get an online payment processor

Set your terms for your biz

It is your online business and you must set your terms. When I started my freelance business, I had the term that the client should pay 50% upfront money when hiring. The same way you should set a lot of different terms to suit your needs and write it clearly on your website. A business with solid and fair terms is professional. A common term could be that you will offer 30 day money back guarantee. In my *online business coaching site my offer a 60 day no questions asked refund policy.

Start blogging for your new online business

When starting your first online business, I assume you will have limited funds. Online advertising is not cheap and requires lots of experience. So how will you ensure more people visiting your business site? The answer is blogging. Setup a blog section on your website and blog about the things that are related to what you do. Slowly people will come searching through google and bing. This way you can expose yourself to that prospect who is interested in that specific topic.

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Connect with individuals on social media

Social media is a big network of people and ideal prospects. When you start your own business online, you need to attract people to your business. Social media sites like facebook, twitter and youtube are huge in 2013. So what you have to do is to join these sites and look for people with similar interest. Then connect with them and share your blog articles. Most people will help you spread your content and some of them will convert into paying clients.

Rinse & repeat the process

Starting an online business on your own is the first big step towards financial freedom, but it needs more work. You have to rinse and repeat the process, learn new technology and keep improving yourself and your business. When you start getting your first few clients, it is time to network even further, ask for testimonials and introductions to new ones.

I hope this article will help you to start your own online business. Well these were just the theories, if you are looking for step by step tutorials and mentoring, you better check out my online business coaching program.

Video: Tamal Anwar Speaks about the Course

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