A lot of people out there doesn’t want to do the hardcore blogging like SEO, bookmarking, traffic and HTML; instead they want a simple blog where they can share thoughts. If you want to create your own hobby blog, then Tumblr is the strongest platform for you.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori

Tumblr is not universal such as blogspot or not as professional as wordpress, but it’s ideal for hobby bloggers. Here are the reasons why you need tumblr,

You want a simple interface for blogging
You want to create a journal
Need to connect with other people with similar interests
You want a great looking blog

Get started

Tumblr is easy to start, just go to tumblr.com and sign up for your free account. Create a blog and start posting. This is the dashboard where you can post text, photo, quote, link etc.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori

Your free tumblr blog address is name.tumblr.com. See my tumblog, ben10.tumblr.com. If you want a cool template; search a template on Explore > Themes. You’ll find great looking 96+ templates from tumblr. All are unique and stylish.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori Themes

You can also search for great tumblogs from their directory. Most tumblr users are art, music and photo lovers, a sort of creative users.

Start your hobby blog with Tumblr platform blogkori tumblr directory

An unique audience

If you’re sick with the same old techy audience from the blogsphere, then you can use tumblr to discover a new world of bloggers. These bloggers don’t really know what is SEO and they don’t care about link exchanges. All they do is just sharing great creativity and connect with friends.

Follow/ un-follow and re-blog

Just like we do on twitter; when you follow a blog, their updates will be visible on your tumblr dashboard. You can re-blog a post and write a note. This re-blog will appear on your blog and it will count as a reblog note (replacing comments).


You can customize tumblr as the way you want. If you know a little bit of HTML, then you can edit your template. You can use disqus comments system to add comments on your blog. You can also use your own domain on tumblr. You can post automatically from your mobile using Ping.fm.

Have your say

Do you have a tumblog? What do you do with that? What do you think about Tumblr?