Case Study: How to Start a Blog For Free and Make Money

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Do you want to make money blogging? Then start a blog right now. Starting a blog is no brainer, with the help of popular and free blog platforms; you can create a blog in less than 5 minutes. But can you start a free blog and make money from it?

make money blogging - one dollar bill

Yes you can!

Who did this? I did. 5 years ago I started a blog on a free blogspot platform. I not just made money, I made a money making business out of it. I didn’t invest a single cent. Read my case study,

What Was The Motivation For My First Blog?

I wanted to start an online business with websites and products to sell. When I started to explore different territories, I came across the word “Blog.” I was so curious to know what it actually does. I setup a few dummy blogs but I did not know what a blog is.

First I thought it’s a place like a forum where visitors can write. Then I found that it’s a very special type of website. In a blog there are pages that called “posts” or articles. When you post these articles, they appear on the home page. That’s the basic idea of a blog.

So back then I was in the direct selling market. I was taking leadership and sales trainings. I wanted to share my expertise somewhere. I found a blog can be a good place to share them. I started to write articles on leadership, MLM, home business and many other related topics. That was on my first free blog:

I started writing. First I wrote 200 word posts. Then slowly I increased the count. I spent day and night writing. Some days I would write up to 5 articles for my blog. I wrote close to 100 articles on that blog in less than 1 year time.

After writing 20 posts I received my first comment. It was a very special feeling for me. After that I saw the number of visitors to my blog is slowly increasing.

How Did I Bring Traffic To My Blog?

Here is a secret: it’s nothing but relation with people. When I started my blog, none of my local friends had internet and they are not interested in the topic of my blog. So I cannot ask them to read my blog. Then I went to facebook but again I don’t have any friends. So I had to go through groups in facebook to find people who are interested in my topic.

I made friends, started networking and shared my blog articles with them. I used other sites like Digg (a huge bookmarking site back then), MyBlogLog (Another oldie) and few others to find readers. I wrote articles on other blogs and article sites to gain new visitors.

How Did I Make Money From My First Blog?

I added google adsense on my blog. When people click to the ads, I would receive a few cents in my account. But the thing is you need at least $100 for payment. This sucked because it took me like 6 months to earn $10 online. I saw a different opportunity to make money blogging. I saw a website called LinkWorth. I signed up and applied for my blog. Soon enough I got my first paid review offer.

The task was to write a 200 word review about a product. I got $3.5 for doing this. Now afterwards I started looking for websites similar to LinkWorth. I found a very good website called PayPerPost. I found many others sites similar to this.

PayPerPost (PPP) had a lot of offers for bloggers. I registered my blog and soon started taking offers. I started to complete $5 reviews. $5 for a 200 word post is a great deal comparing to adsense. For the newbie’s, let me explain what a paid review is:

A paid review is when a company pays you money to write about them. In this case PayPerPost is acting as a broker. I get money for writing them while they get exposure and buzz created for them.

I started to see green but there was a big problem.

PayPal in BangladeshThe problem is that these sites only make payments using PayPal, and I live in a country where PayPal is not available. So to get out of this problem I asked my uncle in Paris to help me with it. Fortunately he agreed to open a paypal account and let me use it. When I sent my first payout of $20, he sent me the money through money transfer in my country.

So Here I Am, Making Real Hard Cash Without Spending A Cent.

I made money from a free blog

I did all these using a free blogging platform, thanks to

I Continued Blogging

The first payment was a green-light for my blogging journey. Now it is proved that you can make money blogging with a free blog platform and it really works.

I signed up for many more paid review sites. Some of them were SponsoredReviews, Smorty, ReviewMe, LoudLaunch, BuyBlogReviews, SocialSpark and a few more. I was taking lots of paid reviews for my blog. I was also making $10, $15 and even $25 per paid review. Each month my blog income increased.

I looked for other monetization methods. One website was This website paid me £10-15 every month for a banner ad in my website. There were many other sites that paid me for thousand impressions.

Some webmasters contacted me and purchased text link ads and banner ads in my blog. I went from making $50/month to $100, $200 and even $400 a month from blogging.

Investing In Your Blog Is Important

In order to make more money from your blog, you need to invest in it. When I saw that I am getting serious in my blog, I bought web hosting and a professional Dot Com domain for my blog. When I started, I did not have money for these, but if you do have the money, then start a blog with your own web hosting and domain name. I recommend you HostGator for web hosting (use this coupon for 25% off: BLOGKORI25) and GoDaddy for domain name.

Adding a domain name to my blog gave me more premium quality reviews. I started taking $20-$25 paid reviews.

Now How Do I Start A Blog And Make Money Blogging?

It is not 2008 anymore. Blogging scene has changed a lot since then. But here I would like to give you a few tips and pointers for blogging success:

#1 Start a Blog for Free Using Blogger

100% recommended if you are a newbie, want to make money from blog but don’t have any money to spend online. This helped me make a fortune and it will help you too. Go to Sign up for an account and start blogging.

Start a Blog for Free Using Blogger

#2 Start a Pro Blog Using WordPress Self Hosted Platform

Welcome to the advanced bloggers area. If you are serious in blogging and want other people to take your blog seriously, then go/upgrade to this route. You will need a domain name and a web hosting to blog in wordpress. Take a look at this video to learn how to setup your blog,

#3 Start Writing on Your Blog

Without better content you cannot expect to make money from it. Just ask yourself, will you buy a newspaper that has nothing printed on it? Of course not, this is why content matters. The best content you can come up with is the content that can help people solve a problem. When I started a blog I had to learn many new things. I shared the same topic for beginners and now I have my own blog. Share your expertise in your blog.

#4 Build an Audience to Promote Your Blog

Your blog readers are real people with emotions, questions and opinions. Listen to them and provide answers. The people who started reading my blog later started blogs on their own. These people later become my friends, talked and linked about me. Since I blog about blogging, most of my readers ended up being top notch bloggers and website owners. Now when some people tell me that they been reading my blog since the beginning, it feels just wonderful. That’s how you can build an audience.

#5 Explore Different Money Making Opportunities for Your Blog

There are many ways you can make money blogging. For starter you can sign up for adsense and infolinks. These 2 ad providers work very well for automated income. Then sign up for SocialSpark for paid reviews when your blog is at least 3 months old. Paid review is almost dead by now but this website is still floating around. When you start to gain more traffic & followers people will come up to you naturally for advertisement offers. And don’t forget to offer services in your blog. I offer website and blog setup service and this helps me earn quite a lot of money every month from my blog.

You Need To Stay Active in Blogging

You can take a lot of valuable lessons from this long article. The fact is I did not make a single dollar from my blog for the first 6 months. The other thing is, true success in blogging can take more time than you can expect. You may blog for 3 years and don’t make any decent income from it, but you have to stay focus. And at the end the ones who stayed will get the fruit.

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  5. Very nice article showing how to make money if you are determined. I find a lot of people from your part of the world get put off when they find they cannot accept payments via Paypal. It’s nice to see you were creative enough to find a solution – well done.

    Will 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Will, yes blogging and doing online business from here is a big deal and very tough. Still it’s a everyday struggle just to make money online. Thanks for the compliments my friend!

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  7. First I had started free blog on blogger an then started aa new blog with self hosted wordpress and wnat to be tech blogger , your blog inspired me a lot.

  8. I too started my first blog on Blogger platform, but have later moved onto WordPress as things started getting better :).

    1. Hey Pri thanks for dropping by on my blog. Blogger is a cool platform and has all the great features like custom domain, unlimited bandwidth, comments and more. But wordpress (self hosted) is simply better and gives you the option to do more things than ever 😀

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