What Was it Like To Speak in Front of a Hundred People on Stage?

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I just had my first public speaking opportunity here in Habiganj, Sylhet. In the past I spoke in front of a large audience for up to 10 minutes. This was the first time in my life I took the stage and had to talk for over an hour.

Seminar on freelancing, outsourcing in Habiganj, Sylhet
Seminar on freelancing, outsourcing in Habiganj, Sylhet

Some background info:

I started a web design school here in Habiganj, Sylhet and I teach people how to become a freelance web designer like myself. My team organized a free seminar at the Habiganj Press Club arena and we had 120 guests that day. I had to give a speech about the overview and possibilities of freelancing and outsourcing in our country.

So how is it like?

I wasn’t nervous at all, as I did a lot of practice on what I am going to say. Also one hour prior to the show, I took the stage and the mic to get comfortable. But I got to say, I was shaking as my heart was pumping like crazy. As a result I spoke faster.

I have read in some helpful articles that you should not concentrate on the audience who are not paying attention. In the event there were few of them which made me feel hesitated. That’s why I always tried to keep eye contact with those folks who were deeply into my speech.

Some tips for public speaking:

  • Practice on stage, with a mic
  • Keep track of your time
  • Make notes of what you want to say
  • Keep water with you so you can drink
  • Keep eye contact
  • Be cool and relax, there are people in the crowd who love you

So after my session I was happy that I was able to deliver my message on time. We started at 4:00 PM and ended at 6:00.

I loved the enthusiasm of the local crowd gathered to learn about the amazing world of IT career. It is still a very long way to go for the people in Habiganj. Overall my first attempt at public speaking went really well and I am looking forward to speak often.


But you be my critique and tell me how was it: (The video is in Bangla) More info about this seminar can be found here (in Bangla)

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