Writing great quality content is just 20% of building a high profile blog. Now promotion is the thing where most people fail to get the attention from the readers. It’s harder and sometimes easy to promote your post with free tools such as twitter, facebook and others. Blogs are made up with social media influence and here paid advertisements won’t come in handy!

Social media blue print - Promote your next blog post effectively

If you are an active social media user such a good twitterer or a facebook addict, then start promoting your post there. Invite your friends to read and share your post. Right after publishing your post, announce it on your twitter profile.

Social media marketing facts 2012

Infographic from Visually data visualization
Post time is a major factor in blogging. Morning time is the right time to publish your posts. Your reader’s will be happy to receive the new post at the early morning and they will take a long time to read it + promoting it.. just like some people like to read the newspaper with their morning coffee! Try getting a hint on which time you get most visitors and analyze your traffic.

Another trick to let your post promoted is to put social media buttons on your posts. You can add those buttons or widgets on your posts which will sky rocket your social visibility. Some people are in a mood to promote your posts and send it to their friends.. so add the buttons on your posts.

If you have developed a community or a group around your blog, then don’t forget to send a group message with your new article, ask them to read and leave a comment. Right after submitting your post on bookmarking sites and sending it over social status, your content will appear on the search results faster and bring a quality social traffic.