How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media

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Writing great quality content is just 20% of building a high profile blog. Now promotion is the thing where most people fail to get the attention from the readers. It’s harder and sometimes easy to promote your post with free tools such as twitter, facebook and others. Blogs are made up with social media influence and here paid advertisements won’t come in handy!

Social media blue print - Promote your next blog post effectively

If you are an active social media user such a good twitterer or a facebook addict, then start promoting your post there. Invite your friends to read and share your post. Right after publishing your post, announce it on your twitter profile.

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Post time is a major factor in blogging. Morning time is the right time to publish your posts. Your reader’s will be happy to receive the new post at the early morning and they will take a long time to read it + promoting it.. just like some people like to read the newspaper with their morning coffee! Try getting a hint on which time you get most visitors and analyze your traffic.

Another trick to let your post promoted is to put social media buttons on your posts. You can add those buttons or widgets on your posts which will sky rocket your social visibility. Some people are in a mood to promote your posts and send it to their friends.. so add the buttons on your posts.

If you have developed a community or a group around your blog, then don’t forget to send a group message with your new article, ask them to read and leave a comment. Right after submitting your post on bookmarking sites and sending it over social status, your content will appear on the search results faster and bring a quality social traffic.

17 thoughts on “How to Promote Your Blog With Social Media”

  1. I’m not sure if Twitter can bring enough new visitors to be worth the effort.

    Perhaps having a few millions “following” you might do the trick but for the anything under that, I’m not convinced everybody has an interest in everything, all the time.

    Then again, some Twitter members are quite active so hey, the experiment is still ongoing ; )

  2. Online Entrepreneurship,SEO,Social Media Optimization

    Dear Tamal,
    Appreciable post but mate i disagree with the percentage of contribution of great contents to a high profile blog u mentioned.If you don have good quality attracting content will they return back again which traffic you grabed fron different social media?

    Also for me, If you don have unique/attractive contents i will not check your blog regularly.

    Its true if Content is the king of a profitable blog then traffic will be the Queen of the blog but matter is if one devorce others then what will be the fate of that profitable blog?

    According to me the contribution percentage of great content should be 50%.And another 50% are the strategies of getting traffic.


  3. I feel same to you but if I publish my blog url and ask my friends to visit my blog how google take it. and if I promote people in yahoo chat what google will do. Thanks.

    1. Online Entrepreneurship,SEO,Social Media Optimization

      So far i know, inviting friends to your site/blog will not violate any T&C of google but you should not tell them to click on your adsense ads if u r a adsense marketer.Same thing in case of yahoo chat.


  4. Whilst I agree that posting in the morning may be more effective, it’s probably a good idea to work out where most of your readers originate from. As an example, as most of my readers are from the States as an Aussie, posting in the morning may not be the best time for me.

  5. Well a great post about social media. Using twitter, stumbleupon and digg are great if you have the right kind of content and visitors. Otherwise you might be wasting some valuable time.

  6. I’m thinking that no matter what you do, the best way is to build a network on a social media site (even though people say not to do it). There’s no way you’re going to even get close without one.

  7. Great post. Social media does make it easier to get visitors to your blog. However what I like best about twitter is how easy it is to get google to spider a new site. Simply post a link into twitter and google will follow it within hours.

  8. Good article about promote your blog effectively with social media. I don’t use till now social media for promoting blog but now i’ll use it. Thanks for information.

  9. For me it’s very important my blog posts don’t lack quality, because if they do, I’m really ashamed to share it on social networks with my friends. That’s why my posts aren’t that regular but they are as good as I can make them.

  10. Developing a group around one’s blog is pretty difficult for me, but I think your “post time” advice can be taken pretty seriously immediately.

  11. Thanks! This is a great post about social media. Using twitter, stumbleupon and digg are great if you have the right kind of content and visitors.

  12. Thanks for sharing this really valuable insight. Several nuggets for anyone formulating a serious social media management strategy. Thanks again!

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