Should I show my feedburner feed counter or not?

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One of the coolest feature of feedburner is the feedburner feed counter chicklet. You have seen it on lots of blogs and wondered how they got 1000, 5000 or even 10,000 RSS readers? It looks impressive and you want to show up your own counter too, but is it the right time to put it up on your site?

Should I show my feedburner feed counter or not? blogkori

When I first started my blog and setup my feedburner account, I showed my RSS counter widget. The number was 02. The next day it was 5 and then again it was 3. Then one of my friends said to remove it, because a low number sends away new readers.

For an example, if you visit a blog for the first time and see 10 people are reading this blog, then you won’t be interested in that blog. The blog must have other valuable aspect before you can subscribe to that blog. The reality is, people love to follow a crowd. They want to be among with the large audience. As a beginner, you must wait until the counter reaches 50 or even more.

A couple of hundreds isn’t enough every time!

100-200 RSS readers won’t be enough to attract all new visitors. Some people read big blogs with 10,000+ readers. So its better not to show your RSS feed counter until it reaches 1000.

Hide and let them imagine!

If you write great quality articles, your readers will think you have a nice reader’s base. Hide your RSS reader and let them wonder, how many people are reading the blog.

A big RSS readership is a great social proof

Having a big RSS number makes new visitors stick to your blog and come back. This is one of the great things to attract direct advertisers.

One last thing for RSS readers

It’s bad to only support a blog with a big RSS number. There are lots of small blogs with outstanding content. You should subscribe by the quality of the articles and not because of the high number!

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17 thoughts on “Should I show my feedburner feed counter or not?”

  1. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Nice post. I won’t like to show how many readers i have. Actually i think i don’t really need to show my readers this information. With feedburner’s analyze tab, you can see how many readers you have. I don’t think its good to let the blog audience know the number of subscribers my blog does have.

  2. Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography

    I actually just removed my Feedburner counter. I am proud of my subscriber number, but yesterday they had one of those glitches where my number dropped significantly, and I know that over hundred people didn’t unsubscribe in one day. So I agree, add a little mystery to your site, and save yourself the embarrassment of Feedburner giving out the wrong numbers.

    ~ Kristi

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    1. @Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography, I saw that yesterday and was suspicious. My count dropped too and when I talked with some other people on twitter, they said the same thing. This will happen until feedburner completely moves on google.

      BTW, page rank has been updated, what’s your score?

      1. Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography

        @Tamal Anwar, @Tamal Anwar, My Feedburner count stays close to the same for weeks, then will drop for a couple of days, then will come back to normal. It’s happened a few times since it moved to Google.

        My main page stayed the same at PR4, but some of my recent articles got a PR bump. 🙂

        ~ Kristi

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      2. @Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography, Same here and most internal pages went up. Have to do better for the next update.

      3. Aminul Islam Sajib

        @Tamal Anwar, I have no subscribers in my blog. 🙁 How can I encourage my blog readers to subscribe to my RSS feeds?

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      4. @Aminul Islam Sajib, Your title says it’s a tech blog, but the articles say it’s a blog about your online discoveries. Write daily articles (at least for the beginning) promote your blog on social media and people will love to subscribe.

      5. Aminul Islam Sajib

        @Tamal Anwar, Thank you very much. I really needed any suggestion and comment from an expert.

  3. Well I started 2 weeks before! and I think now I have 2 subscriber 😀 I also thought of this mass following strategy of crowd! But thanks that you shared your experience 🙂

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      1. @Tamal Anwar,

        Yeah! Within 3 weeks it has increased to 17 😀 We do need to be patient and should keep up the work! But can we go a little off topic while posting in our blog for a few posts! Whats your experience on this!

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      2. @Swashata, It depends on the niche and the audience. If you blog about a non tech niche, RSS readers will be low because the readers don’t know about RSS. Techh niche attrcats tech savvy audience and they love to read blogs from RSS.

      3. @Tamal Anwar, Thanks for your feed back 🙂

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  4. Hi Tamal,

    Great blog. Thanks for sharing your insight 🙂


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  6. Nice Post. I have written a review on SpywareBlaster on my blog, because I am keen on keeping secure online – Let me know what you think 🙂

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