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RSS is Really Simple Syndication, or should I call the vital part of the blog, the content. As a blogger, you must like to read lots of blogs daily, in average 10-20 blogs. Reading lots of blogs in different topics is a great quality of a successful blogger. But if you try to browse 10 different blogs, it will be very hard for you to search every blog, load every page to find out the new updates. A feed reader is a great solution for getting new contents from you favorite blog.

There are lots of RSS feed readers available on the internet but I prefer Google Reader. Just go to and sign in with your google account. Now add your favorite blogs as your subscription. To add a blog, click on ‘Add subscription‘ on the center left of the page. Now put your favorite blog url like, ‘‘ and click ‘Add‘ -your reader will get all of the articles of the blog.

Now scroll down and you can be able to read all of the articles of the blog, even the older ones too. This way you will be able to read all of the contents in one page and you don’t have to visit the blog either.

Once you read all of the articles, you can now go and do your other works or could add more blogs in your list. Each time a new article has been puyblished on the blog, it will appear on your feed reader and you can check the blogs with new updates just like your email account.

You can get lots of other informations from Google reader and can share your feed items. You can also subscribe to an RSS feed by clicking on the Reader icon in different blogs.

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