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Blogging is not about think, write and publish -it’s all about the marketing strategy. Have you ever imagined why lots of other new blogs are getting higher traffic volumes than you do? Why new sites are getting better page ranks and why such a low quality articles are getting bookmarked? The reason is they did other things instead of writing articles. On this article I’m going to write about blog out posts and how to successfully use them for your site.

Blog, out posts are just like outlets of shops and different companies. The main goal is not about the sales everytime, it’s about getting noticed. Have you thought that before why celebrities appear on TV shows? Why business people appear on conferences? or why companies open an outlet on business expos? The reason for them is to show up their selves in front of people. This is why we need to put our blog’s brand in different places of the internet. Let see couple of examples,

1. BlogCatalog

As a blogger you must have a BlogCatalog account. This is the ideal place to meet bloggers, a community dedicated to bloggers. Submit your blog and get listed. Their search engine won’t send you much traffic, but new bloggers will find your blog from BC. You can also join the discussion, make friends and can create a group about your brand.

blogcatalog bloggers community blogkori

2. MyBlogLog

MyBlogLog is the famous community to have you blog listed. It’s the oldest blog community engine and it has lots of benefits. Sign up for MyBlogLog with your Yahoo ID and submit your blog. Get new community members, message them, create a widget and get statistics. Join BlogKori on myBlogLog.

mybloglog community of blogkori

3. Facebook

Facebook is a must have out post. A lot of people use facebook and off course the non tech savvy people are the majority. A facebook addict will search on facebook after they hear about your brand. Now you can create two things for your blog in facebook, a page or a group. Setting a group is easy and invite your FB friends to make it crowdy. You can create a fan page for your blog and it’ll be much more appreciated. Be a fan of BlogKori on Facebook.

New facebook fan page of blogkori

4. Twitter

Ahh, this is the latest trend of web 2.0. Tech savvy people will search for your official twitter home, This is a must have out post for your blog. Try to have your name on twitter like, If you’re not using the account, then do what I did with my account,

twitter page of blogkori

5. Social profiles

You must use other social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious and many more. Don’t forget to add your blog link and write a short bio about it. These will work as your other out posts.

6. Article directories

Write some articles on article directories such as Ezine Articles and Add your blog link on those articles. There are other popular services like Squidoo and Hubpages where you can put your brand. The best way to use these two sites as your out post is to create a self made wiki about your blog.

7. Guest posts

Guest posts can be used as an out post too. Look around your blog niche and connect with your fellow authors. Write some interesting articles for them and this will give you a chance to appear infront of a new audience.

Using landing pages

You might want to keep the visitors coming from your out posts. The best way to send them to a customized page is to use a landing page. Read this article: Lets create an effecting landing page to welcome new visitors!

Are you working on out posts?

So are you planning on creating out posts? Tell me about some of your important out posts and how you’re using them?

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10 thoughts on “Setting up successful out posts to brand your blog”

  1. Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography

    It’s true.. the more social networks you belong to with your blog name, the stronger it will stand out. Kind of like seeing advertisements and posters everywhere of a product… it makes it seem more reputable than those products that are not advertised well.

    ~ Kristi

    Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography’s latest blog post..Fetching Friday – Design, Blogging Resources & More

    1. @Kikolani | Blogging, Poetry, Photography, I do believe that, the more you appear, the more you got popular!

  2. Good post, I made the mistake when I signed up for Social sites I used a nickname I used for years as opposed to my main blogs name. Kind of like here. 🙂

    Geoserv’s latest blog post..New upcoming Pligg template

    1. @Geoserv, Ohh so that’s why your username is Geoserv! I made this mistake too. I used tamalds as my username, but now I feel it should be my real name: tamalanwar.

  3. Aminul Islam Sajib

    I loved this post. I’m gonna try out BlogCatalog. I’ve heard and used once MyBlogLog but I faced some problems with that. One of them is, on my Yahoo Messenger status, links of the websites I follow through MyBlogLog is included. I didn’t understand where these link were coming from. Then one of my friends told me these were coming from MyBLogLog. So I gave up using MBL.

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    1. @Aminul Islam Sajib, MBL is way better than marketing your blog comparing to useless Yahoo IM. You should use MBL and add your blogs there.


    Seems like too much of work 🙂 . Not sure getting everything correctly. Will need to read it few times before it sinks in 🙂
    Maybe you can elaborate more about facebook thing.’s latest blog post..10 ways to deal with stress and enjoy life more

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