Setting up a Technorati accoung for your blog

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Update: Technorati blog rank has been discontinued.

You have learned about many search engines and accounts after you started blogging. Here is a special search engine that is specially designed for blogs. Technorati is a popular blog search engine. You can list your blog at technorati and can get an impressive amount of traffic.

Technorati uses backlinks to any blogs to determine the importance of a blog. Not just any blog, they only count quality blogs with who have a nice background in their system. The users can also add your blog as their technorati favorites. The links you are getting from other blogs are called blog reactions and technorati will give you a special ranking called the ‘Authority‘. Your authority point will depend on the quality of reactions and by the number of faves you get.

Go to technorati and sign up for a free account. Now your blog may be already been listed on their system, to take total control over it, you have to ‘Claim your blog.’ Once you are signed in, click to claim a blog to begin. Add your blog address which you want to claim in technorati.
Now here will be two options, choose Quick claim.

Now you will find a form to entre the username and the password of your blog. Technorati will automatically detect the platform of your blog and ask the information to make sure that this blog is yours.

Add your blogger account User-name and the Password and continue.
You will now get a ‘congratulations‘ message and now you have to put some more informations about your blog. Fill out the blog description and other details.

You can also add related tags that nicely describes your blog and the topic which will help in search terms.

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  1. Navtej Kohli Los Angeles

    Now a Days Its seems very difficult to make an account on Technorati. moreover Technorati not allowing bookmarks now a days .But your help is great . I will try it

  2. Hi,i need to help for various plagin setting,how to start domain which always making my website see all visitors,adsence account setting.please reply

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