Setting Up a Feedburner Account For Your Blog RSS

Last Updated on is an RSS system and I think its not an account, its a very important enhanchment to your blog and it will play major parts in your blog’s success. But before I get to that, lets find out what is RSS?

What is RSS?

what is an RSS feedRSS means Really Simple Syndication. This is a simple way to read blogs/ websites fast and effectively. RSS feeds are copy of the whole blog content but in the RSS page, there would be no extra things that you have in your blog like ads, widgets, links and other things. Your blog’s RSS page is a simple and clean page to give your readers the ease to read articles.

Your readers can subscribe to your RSS feeds and read the blog without even visiting your blog. This is a special service to the readers and this way you could transform your visitors into daily readers.

Why Feedburner?

Feedburner is the most used RSS feed service. Google owns feedburner which makes it more reliable. Feedburner is fast, simple, have lots of features and its free.

Create a feedburner account and make your blog feed. Go to and you will get a form to fill out your blog address. Fill up your blog address and click ‘next.’ Fill out the required information and you are ready with your blog feed. Your feedburner feed address for your blog would be, for and example, blog kori’s feed address is,

Now all you have to do is to set your blog’s default feed to feedburner. To do this, go to your blogger dashboard and click ‘settings.’ Click ‘site feed’ tab and fill up the feed address to ‘Post Feed Redirect URL.’ Click ‘Save settings.’ Now all of your readers will go to your feedburner feed when ever they need to read your blog’s feed.

Every day you can log in to your feedburner dashboard and can see how many people have read your blog content through feedburner, you can choose orange feed icons and email feed options too. The more you interact with the system, the more ways you can learn to use feedburner. If you had any questions related to this topic, you can ask me by comments.

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