It’s my first auction on flippa. What is flippa? It’s a place to buy and sell websites, domains. I’m selling an online business through this marketplace. And you know what “auction” means, don’t you? The buyer who is willing to pay the most money will win the auction.

I’m selling an online business opportunity named BuildBrandOnline along with 6 domains, 1 website with custom logo and thesis theme template, all details are listed on flippa.

logo_renewed1_2BuildBrandOnline is a business opportunity making business that I had the concept a few months ago. I have done all of the ground work for this site from link building, SEO, optimization, press release, creating business proposal for respected clients etc. The core product that this business will be selling has been projected to have a price tag of $1000.

The business opportunity is valuable as well as it’s domain. It’s a highly brandable keyword rich domain that already has a value of $1000 for the Dot Com version. I’m giving you all 6 extensions I have, COM/NET/INFO/ORG/US/MOBI versions.

If it is so good, then why you are selling?

square_picI’m not selling this business because I need money. I’m busy managing 2 of my big sites (blogkori+thesisdesign) that’s making me a nice income. For this reason I now don’t have such time to run this startup. I want to give this business to the right person who can work on it and build it as I wanted myself. If I don’t do anything with this business, all the precious time, money & effort will be pointless. So now the best option for me would be to sell it.

Can I buy this business and make it big?

I’m not selling it to any other buyer out there. If I don’t get the right person for this business, I will keep it and wait for the next opportunity. Please be aware that BuildBrandOnline is not an adsense or affiliate site. The revenue potential of this model is to sell online service, consultancy and training. If you are an enterprainer, web designer or consultant -looking for starting a business of your own, then take this model.

The groundwork is done already such as the domain registration, wordpress site development, backlinks, press release, listing on google, unique logo, design, product description & product info pdf -that would cost you hundreds of dollar labor and 6 months of work.

How do I buy this business and in what price?

I’m selling this opportunity through Flippa. To buy, you have to go there and sign up for a free account. Then you have to bid with your price, you are willing to pay. Despite all the goodness I mention about this business, I’m selling this site for a low price. The starting bid is around $60 -the actual money I spent to buy the domains. I don’t have big expectations with this auction nor I want to earn thousands, I’m happy as long as I get my investments back.

See all the details of this listing over at flippa, the auction will end in 14 days. If you are not a buyer, still do come over at flippa and cheer me up with my first auction, tweet about it or share on facebook. Wish me success on my very first flippa auction, so that in the future I can create guides on how you can create a profitable business and sell it on flippa šŸ™‚

Update: I sold this website for $300, take a look at this post