Reasons, why I’m not interested in your “article collection” blog

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Sometimes new bloggers start a blog with a collection of free articles. When you’ll submit an article in the article directories, people will have the right to use it on their blog. This is not copy/ duplicate content, this is called sharing. So creating an article collection blog is way easier than producing your own posts. But with this kind of a blog, you won’t be able to attract a large audience and here are the valid reasons,


I don’t know the author

You’re putting the name and the source of the author but as a reader I’m unable to reach him. Personal blogs are much more appreciated because I can see who the person behind this blog is and I can connect with him in different social media sites.

I won’t get answers

Whenever I post an article, you post comments. Why? Because you know that someone is there to help. I receive questions and suggestions via comments. On a collection blog, you know that you’re unable to ask the real writer and the collector is unable to solve my problem. This is why collection blogs are less engaging.

Not a focused plan

When I follow a writer, I feel that this person is working with a plan and I can get to a destination by following his lead. On a collection blog, there are multiple writers with multiple plans. If you try to follow everyone, you’ll fail.

Has no continuity

When a blogger writes an article on his blog, he keeps the original continuity of his plan. Like I did this on day one and now doing this on day two, but writers who write on directories will not create detailed and continued posts.

It’s all about self promotion

Directory writers just write for promotion. They want the readers to click to the link back to their ebook page, affiliate site or they are bloggers like me who wants new readers. A blogger will give his best for his readers because it’s the final destination. With an article from the directory, you won’t get highly packed informations, only teasers.

Why not read from the original directory?

The reason why people love to come back to a blog is because there is unique and fresh content every time. If you know that these articles are from a directory, so why not read from the original directory?

What do you think?

  • Do you run an article collection or produce your own content?
  • Would you love to read from an article collection for a long time?
  • Why or why not?

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7 thoughts on “Reasons, why I’m not interested in your “article collection” blog”

  1. I’ve been warned about other websites who use others’ content. I think it you’re going to put someone’s writing into your site, you should give them credit. When people find out your content isn’t your own, and you’re not acknowledging that, they will probably stop visiting anyway.

    ~ Kristi

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  2. I am planing to run a article collection blog, I think it is still useful main reasons
    1) Due to the competition many good articles are buried down in the search results if it is published on a not very competitive blog.
    2) For certain subject it is hard to get all the answers from one or few articles, reader has to filter out many search results, read several crap articles than able to find an answer, if one article can publish link to all the great articles for certain subject it could be very helpful.
    So I think one can run successful article collection blog, but it is not as easy as it sounds, you have to
    1. Read a lot of articles, and find best ones which can solve certain problem.
    2. You have to continually ad new posts so people has a reason to come back, your old posts may be needed to keep updated so it will became timeless post.

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  3. Hmm…good post, I have mixed feelings about this one. Done correctly an article collection blog would be fine, but it”s the duplicate content thing that would concern me as the blog owner

    I was under the impression that these types of blogs were passe.

    @Chinese Girl, I would love to see the blog you are working on when it is complete.

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  4. @Chinese Girl and Geoserv: I’m completely against of collection blog and getting ranked for the same content in different blog is a tough job. Blog with 100 original articles will get higher rankings than 100 shared articles.

  5. @Tamal, Like you I am not interested in creating such a blog, tends to merely clutter the web.

    I would however, support a blog that allowed users to publish their articles voluntarily as oppose to scraping the content.

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