Blogging is very popular on the internet today and now people are looking forward to start their own blog. Some do for fun, some do it for business and some are professional bloggers (like me) who want to make a living with his blog. Many people says that, this is the golden era of blogging. As blogging is getting more and more popular, many companies are giving a free platform to design, host and make money with your blog for FREE! Here are some of the free blogging & website platforms I have discovered,


blogger the best free blogging platformBlogger is the most used platform and the platform I have used to start my blog. It has custom templates feature, you can add ads on your blog to monetize. Unlimited bandwidth and storage and its a google service. You can host your images on picasa and videos on youtube. Blogger has a weak and un-professional comments system. There are only few built in templates which are not professional looking. Blogger domains are like, and because lots of users are using this platform, its hard for a new blogger to find a simple and shorter domain. If blogger launches a new domain, bloggers will find it easier to get a nice address.


wordpress free blog serviceWordPress is a free service from the most popular open source company Automattic. You will get a free blog with wordpress. You will get lots of features like cool templates, images, videos etc. You can also create extra blog pages just like a regular website. You can also add your own domain in this platform. Another great news is that, you can synchronize all of the articles from any other blogging platform to your wordpress blog. You will not get the wordpress plugins feature in this platform and another thing is that, you are not allowed to put ads on your blog. For more feature you have to buy an upgrade which doesn’t makes it a free platform.


tumblr free blogging platformTumblr is a cool and professional platform for bloggers. The templates are gorgeous and you can add your own template too. You can add many different media on your blog like images, videos, chat, notes and many widgets. Tumblr is easy to understand. Another feature is, that you can add your own domain in tumblr. The bad news is that, this platform has no comments option. That means your readers cannot comment on your blog and you will have to add a third party comments system.


xanga free blog platformXanga is a cool blogging platform with gorgeous looking templates. Its cool and professional and have lots of features. Actually its not suitable if you want to be a professional blogger on this platform. It is design for hobby bloggers and its more like a social community. You can add everything in Xanga blog including images, music, videos and many more. You can add custom widgets on Xanga.

Live Journal

live journal free blog platformLive Journal is a senior platform for blogging and very few people actually use this platform. There are cool templates to choose from and you can start a blog in minutes. They put focus on their upgraded plan where you can get 600+ professional templates. They put their own ads in your blog and you are not allowed to put your own ads and monetize.


Webs (formerly freewebs) looking platform for websites. There are many templates to choose from, comments, layouts, images and many more. It has shopping, ecommerce, blog and forum option. There is no way to monetize a webs website and the community puts their own ads on your site. You can choose like hundreds of templates for your own website. There is a limitation of how many static pages you can have on your webs site.

webs a free website platform


Weebly is a free web hosting solution where you can create your own website for free. There are over 100s of templates you can choose to host your full featured website. It’s easy to manage and you won’t need to learn code to build websites. One big feature of this platform is that they don’t put advertisements in your free website.

weebly free web platform