pingomatic-logoSearch engines like google & bing are the best way to get quality and targeted traffic every day, every hour, every minute. As you build up your blog, you will get better rankings for each keywords. Your website will appear on search results and you will get lots of visitors.

For a new blog you need to let the search engines know that you exist. Right now almost every blog platform auto pings, but if your blog is not on search, maybe it is time for you to use a ping service.

Each time you write a new post in your blog, search robots will not come to your site instantly because they have their own schedule. Ping-o-matic is a service which can invite search robots instantly when you want.

Go to ping-o-matic and submit your blog’s name, url and rss feed url.

pinging for fast indexing your blog articles
Now click on different search services you want like, Feedburner, Technorati and My Yahoo and click ‘Send pings‘ -you’re done.

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Keep pinging for every time you post a new article. Once your blog gets a good page rank, then stop pinging. My blog does not needs to be pinged anymore. This is because now it is an established site for couple of years and new posts automatically show up on google withing few minutes.

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