Detailed articles are called pillar articles which are the biggest assets of a blog. You can create a popular blog by adding pillar articles in your blog over time. This article will explain you about pillar articles, how to create and promote it for the long run.

There are few types of articles can be found in a blog,

Pillar articles
News based short articles
Tutorial articles
Short articles -covering one simple topic

You can build a stronger foundation for your blog by writing pillar articles. A few pillar articles would be enough to keep your reader engaged in your blog for longer. The more they stay, the more you’ll have the chance of making them coming to your site. Here are some simple reasons why pillar articles are great,

Pillar articles are some of your best articles ever
They contain highly packed informations
It takes a lot of time to read the article
They easily get bookmarked for future resource
These articles are most informative

How to create a pillar article?

Simply get an idea and do some research on it. Take paper, pen and write every topic you can related to it. Write some keywords and questions and extend the idea. If you don’t have any idea what to write about, then search your old posts for the topic. You can also create a pillar article with one of the most asked questions in your field.

If you run a mobile phone blog, then you can write this, “How to save your cell phone battery” -with much more extended topics. If you have a PC blog, then you can write, “A complete guide for firefox 3” or “A step by step guide on how to do …” got it? Every idea could be written as a highly packed pillar article.

How to make the article attractive to readers?

The fact is, most people don’t likes to read a bigger article but even BIGGER fact is that bigger articles will save your blog in the long run. To make your article attractive, use an “attractive headline” like,

10 ways to do…
12 steps to a successful…
You are only 7 steps away from…

Here you can see that numbers work. Adding a top 10 or best 5 will attract reader’s attentions. Here are some more ways of KILLER headlines,

How to make a killer living with PayPerPost (my own free ebook!)
Outstanding ways of achieving…
Simple but professional tips for a…
Don’t read this unless you want to…

You can see the word “Killer” -itself is also a killer word to attract the reader’s eyes. Because you are providing something better in that article, try to write a killer headline too!


How to make the reader read the whole post?

A bigger article and the important texts will be ignored because readers will scan your article, and will not read it. You have to break your articles into few paragraphs and don’t forget to use a good sub header for that. Getting attention to a special part is important. Try to use “speed breakers” like this one to stop your reader from scanning and read that part.  Use attractive looking small images to make your readers entertained.

Finalizing my pillar post?

After you wrote the whole article, leave it in your computer or as a draft in your blog -don’t ever hit “Publish” after your finished writing it. Do something else in the mean time and come back again later after 6 hours or even better if you see it in the next day.

Now read the whole article and you’ll find mistakes in it. You’ll find new things to add on it or even new topics to add. Now proof read your article and hit “Publish”

How to promote it while it’s fresh?

Because it’s one of your best articles this session, try to keep this article in your front page for longer. Use social media and other ways to promote this content. Ping your blog to inform search bots about this article. Inform your friends about this post or even email them to have a look and comment on it. Email some your bloggers friends in your niche asking them to link to this article.

How to promote it while it’s old?

A good first time promotion will help it to develop higher places in search engines and then it’ll send a nice amount of traffic over time. When it’s an older article, don’t forget to link to that article within your new posts. Use your sidebar and showcase some of your best articles ever. This is a nice way to bring it up infront of new readers.

How many pillar articles should I have?
The more you have is better. As a beginner, try to have at least 5 pillar articles.

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