This is the second part of the series, if you missed the previous part then you can sure read it here: Optimize your blog’s RSS feed for maximum results Part 1

To optimize your RSS feeds to the next level, you have to add some services from feedburner and have to turn some options on. Read this article if you need to know how to setup a feedburner account and burn your RSS feeds.

Go to and ‘login’ to your account. You will see your feeds in ‘my feeds’ menu. Select your feed and you will be directed to your feed ‘analyze’ tab. You will see your feed status and total subscribers count(if you have already some readers) This is my blog,’s feed history,

You can also see further details about your daily feed subscribers,

Who are the daily RSS readers?
Your daily RSS readers/subscribers are the total amount of readers who have read your feed yesterday. I mean the total number of visitors who got your blog articles via feed/ RSS reader/ email yesterday.

Now add turn on these services from feedburner,

Go to ‘publicize’ -tab

Chicklet chooser

Start getting new RSS subscribers by adding the RSS icon on your blog. Click on the ‘chicklet chooser’ from the center left from the window and select an RSS icon.

You can choose a verity of icons from the list or you could also upload your own image with the link pointed to your feed( Place the icon on the top of your blog, so that readers will find it and then your visitors will subscribe.

Email subscriptions

Email delivery is a great option from feedburner to give your reders another way to get your blog articles. When your readers will subscribe via email, they will recieve updates in the email whenever your blog gets updated. Most of the people who don’t like to read RSS from feed readers choose this option. Click on the ’email subscriptions’ -button and ‘Activate’ this service.

Get the email subscription form and add it to your blog. Adding an email subscription form will attract more email subscribers. You can also choose other options from this menu.

Feed Count

Feed counter is the social way to attract more subscribers for your blog. Go to ‘feed count’ and ‘activate’ this service.

You can choose different colors to create your own RSS feed counter. You can show of on your blog, how many daily RSS readers you have. Please note that, if you add a counter with having a low number like, 7, 10, 15 etc, this will make your readers unsubscribe from your blog because people like to follow a crowd. Add your counter to your blog when it reaches at least 50.

Buzz boost

This is another service which allows you to republish your feed in HTML. Activate this service and create a buzz boost.

Set your options like the headlines and other options. With this service you can create a link list of your latest articles like you see on BlogKori’s ‘What’s new’ tab. You can add up to 25 latest articles with this service but keep it simple by limiting it to 5, 8 or 10 latest articles.

Ping shot

Ping shot is a great service which will allow you to ping different search engines when you update your blog.

You can manually ping with Ping-o-matic when you update your blog but in case you forgot, activate this service. Select all of the services like, technorati, my yahoo, newsgator, blog lines and 5 more services.

Go to ‘optimize’ -tab

Feed flare

This is the cool way where you can use your readers to promote your blog articles. Activate this service and click on the feed flares you want to use.

Add the ‘comments’ flare to show the total comments on the feed item. If you use digg and stumble for your blog, add those buttons too! You can add more services but make sure to add only the services you and your readers use to promote the content.

Additional services

You can choose other services to further optimize your RSS feeds like, Browser friendly, Smart feed, Headline animator, Spring widgets skin and many more.

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