If you are still trying to figure out about RSS(Really Simple Syndication) -then this article is specially for you and how you can get maximum results from it.

Every blog has its own RSS feed/XML feed. There are many platforms to burn your RSS feed and one of the popular service is called google’s FeedBurner.

The reason to choose feedburner is because its fast, easy and has lots of features. Now let me explain the RSS feed to you. Take a look at the picture,

The top page is your blog with having title, blog post, ads, links, widgets and lots of things which you have in your blog. When you will burn your blog RSS feed, it will look like the second window with having only the blog post/content. And it will have no other links, widgets, ads and no other things. Because RSS feeds only have the content, these loads faster on the browser and this is why most of the people likes to read blogs in their RSS readers.

When you will burn your feed from feedburner, you will get your feed address which will look like this, feeds.feedburner.com/blogkori. You have to set it up with your blogger account.

Go to your ‘blogger dashboard’ > ‘settings’ > ‘site feed’

Now select ‘full’ -as ‘allow blog feeds’

Now add your feed address(eg: feeds.feedburner.com/blogkori) on ‘Post feed redirect url’ -so that every feed on your blog will redirect to your feedburner RSS feed.

This means your readers can read the full article on their RSS reader. If you select ‘short’ -then they will be able to read few lines in the RSS feed and then they have to come to your blog to read the rest of the article. If you want to build up a strong readership, you will have to provide ‘Full RSS feeds’ because professional bloggers offer full RSS feeds.

Why should I provide Full RSS feeds?

  • To keep your subscribers connected to your blog
  • To make it simple for your readers to get the updates
  • A big readership is far more better than having lots of visitors
  • To turn your visitor into a regular reader
  • More readership means more blog status
  • RSS readers will promote your blog
  • To make your reader remember your blog

I hope after reading the above article you now know,

  • What is RSS and how does it work?
  • Why it is important for a blog?
  • How to set it up with feedburner?
  • Why should you provide Full RSS feeds?
  • How RSS helps you to get regular readers?

If you still having any question regarding with Feeds and RSS, then you could ask me anytime. This article has been continued with more advanced tips on the next part.