When I first started to blog and reading money making blogs, one thing I learned from many blogs that, “You should put your eggs on different baskets!” -this means if you want to earn money online, you have to look for different streams of income so that if one fails, the other can support you. This doesn’t only apply for blog monetization; you can use the same idea for your online business too. I’m telling you to create side business projects and let them grow. Those side projects will benefit you in the long term.

Why side projects?

The simplest answer is, “I want more income!” -but you can’t run all of the projects at a time alone; you have to focus on your primary website and then you have to spend some time on your other things. This will also help you mentally as you are working on something different and building another income stream.


Here are some of the online projects you can work on,

1. Blogs & websites:

These are the simple form of online projects. You run a blog, create another blog or website. You can create another website on different topic you like. If you are a blogger, then create a website for a change. If you’re a webmaster, then start a blog.

2. Online services:

If you know some coding and programming, then create a web based service or an application. You can see lots of service based websites on the internet like URL shortening services, color picker or anything simple. You can also create website to store online data and share files etc.

3. Offline services:

Like teaching people how to play guitar, tutoring, lawn cleaning, party organizer or anything you can do offline. Use the site to promote your service.

4. Domain reseller:

You can sign up for a domain & hosting reseller account and can sell domains. In this age everyday thousands of blogs are being created, lots of websites start their journey and they need a nice domain name. Be a reseller and start selling domains.

5. Domain flipper:

It’s like buying a property, making it nice & attractive and selling it in a higher price. You can be a dominer with low investments (domains are as low as $10) create a site, keep the domain for a long time and sell it.

6. Web designer:

If you know how to create a website and have some creativity, then you must give a shot for it. You can earn some extra money by creating and designing websites for others.

7. Blog makeovers:

Many people don’t know how to customize their blogs because of the lack of some technical knowledge. Most people are not so creative but they wish for a better looking blog. You can be a blog customizer and can earn money by doing blog makeovers.

8. Freelance writing:

As a blogger, you have some great writing talent. You can sell some of your writings for other people/ blogs. There are many people online who need freelance writers for their websites. Search for those jobs and earn some money writing.

9. Social networks:

You can also create your own social network and earn money. Search for some free social network scripts and create your very own social network. There are other platforms available where you can create your own social network like Ning.com.

10. Forums:

Lots of webmasters are now looking forward to create profitable forums. It’s a place where people can discuss on different things. Use the power of influence and create a forum for profit.

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  • Do you think running some side projects are better for the long run?
  • Does your revenue stream fully depend on your main website?
  • What do you think about this?