this is my office

We are fortunate to live in the age of technology and the internet. I have my office and it’s on my laptop. I can even take it in my pocket with a smartphone. There are enormous benefits of having your complete office on your laptop. But first let me share you how I came up with the transition?

Last year on a vacation I went to a doctor’s chamber. No I was not sick; he was the friend of my uncle. His office was a small 12 by 12 feet room. Inside he had table, chairs, a bed for the patient, a laptop table, an ultra sonogram machine and lots of other stuff. The table had lots of medical equipment throwing everywhere. Here is a picture of that particular office,


Now I was thinking how hard it would be to move or relocate that office? What if the doctor had his entire office packed up in something smaller?

Yes there are these kinds of chambers available in our country, but these are not what I have in mind.


Doctors, lawyers, engineers are all freelancers. Most of them quit their jobs and run their own private office. Instead of following what everyone else is doing, you should think smarter and think of new ways to do business.

Now since my work is related to online, and I am quite successful on my work –I too had the urge to have a physical office, have employees and show people that I am a big thing.

But I realized that it’s actually a backward step for someone whose work is 100% online. So I dropped that idea and put everything online. Even my work is not inside this particular laptop, it’s in the cloud. So if I move to another computer or smartphone, I can resume my work.

Here are the cool benefits that I am enjoying for having the laptop as my office,

No office space, no rent

Just imagine how much money I am saving every month by not having a physical office space? It’s very costly and hard to find a good work space here in my city. So I am not just saving rent, I am saving lunch money and no need to buy any furniture.

No employees, no stress

My business is a self owned operation and I do my work best. The only people who help me in my work are my siblings, whom I pay a monthly fee. Outside help that I get are from freelancers and I pay them on a contract basis. So I don’t have to hire a beautiful receptionist, a secretary, an accountant and a peon to make tea for me. Who I need to impress?

No transportation, save time

Some study (I can’t remember where I read) suggest that on average we spend 4 hours a day for transportation. This includes waiting for the bus/taxi in cold, rain or hot weather. Then inhaling polluted air and wasting time on traffic. I am using that extra time every day for my business, leisure and for my family. And also thank me for contributing even a small bit for reducing the traffic jam.

No maintenance for gas, water or electricity

If I had an office space, I had to pay extra for gas, water and electricity. Even if some office space don’t have gas/water bill included, it still has some extra maintenance fee. Then an extra internet bill and security fees I had to pay every month. I am saving that all by using a laptop as my office. The only things that I pay are for my laptop (when it needs a fix) and the internet bill, but you can also find a free WiFi.

I take it wherever I go, it’s mobile

Having a physical office will make you handicapped. You cannot stay away for longer. When you are in a vacation, your earning is stopped. But with having a laptop as my office, I took it with me last year on vacation. It helped me work and earn money. This office is flexible and easy to move.

My business runs on auto-pilot

I have setup websites & softwares that are running 24/7. This is called automation. It is doing its job and earning me money. I just have to keep it updated from time to time.

No office hours, no daily routine

Having a physical office and employees will make you commit to a time table. Did you forget that the whole point of working online and all that was to quit that life? With no more physical office, I can work and take break when I want. I don’t have to follow a routine.

No tax rules no legal trouble

Self owned businesses (sole proprietorship) doesn’t require any legal incorporation. The same way this business is shielded with lots of tax benefits. Internet business is a new concept all over the world so right now no such rules are present for doing this kind of business.

Finally it weighs just 2.5 KG’s –and it can be even lighter with a slim model!

So what are you waiting for? It is the right time, you have the tools. My new course is 100% online and it will guide you exactly the same steps you need to bring your business online just like I did.

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