Few months ago I saw a public voting on facebook. It titled something like this: “Vote to bring odesk in your city” -so I voted for Dhaka. I didn’t expected that odesk would actually host an event at Dhaka.

Last month, I woke up in the morning and usually checking my email, I saw an invitation to register for the odesk event in Dhaka. I just put that email in “Read later” folder. Few hours later in the afternoon I logged in to facebook and saw that one of my contacts posted about this event and suggested that you should hurry in order to reserve your seat.

So I rushed and checked that email and registered. By the time I registered, there were 220 people already registered & I heard that they will take only first 350 attendees.


By the way odesk is a freelance marketplace. If you want to know what is it and how to start freelancing, check out this post.

The event was at Emmanuelle’s Banquet Hall in Gulshan-1. I went to the place on time and it was easy finding the place. I checked the map earlier so it was not a big deal at all.

Around 3PM in the afternoon, the temperature of the city was very hot and I was sweating. Anyways after getting inside it was a relaxing environment.

Let the pictures do that talking:

So this was my ticket:

What made this evening very interesting is the cool people I know from online and finally met in person:

Seeing RZaman on the event was a surprise for me. Had a fun time with this dude.

Roni (Delwar Jahan) caught me and it was a fun afternoon with me. We talked a lot about internet marketing, SEO & SMM.

Eunus & Al-Amin caught me on the spot and again we talked many things about my work and their new startup company DevsTeam. They also asked me when I will go and visit their office.

I met Foqrul and he introduced me with all of his buddies. All of them who work in odesk, that’s a real good thing. But I didn’t like what he did with his hair (now he is bald)

After the speech & video, we were offered snacks:

I didn’t hear anything what Matt said or the other participants, nor the video intro. It was all boring, this must be the reason why they wrapped things up by 5:30PM instead of being 7PM.

The main productive bit was discussing things with each other. I learned how to create a team on odesk from RZ. I was looking for this information for a long time.

Here is a shot where I am discussing odesk and how to get jobs:

I also talked about getting video testimonials, odesk SEO and popping video on google search for your name.

When I got back to home I quickly created this short video on odesk SEO:

In the final hour I overheard people saying that this event wasn’t up as hyped and the food could have been better. I agree with this fact but for a first meetup here in Dhaka, the standard was very high.

I am a dumb-ass because I should have done some video blogs at the event, I had so many cool folks sitting right next to me who could provide valuable info for you all.

Anyways there will be many more meetups up ahead this year and maybe next time I will do lots of vids.

What I absolutely didn’t like is that all the people lined to take photo with Matt. It was really a silly thing. Matt must have had a hard time. Replacing this worthless time, interested folks could talk to Matt directly, establishing a connection, not just clicking a profile photo with a foreigner:

And what did your bro Tamal did? Did I took a photo with Matt? Nah I don’t flow with the current.

Matt already taken group pictures with people in every table, so I am already with him and I talked with him during a short span of time. I clearly stated my message to him “Hey Matt, odesk really changed my life.

Odesk awarded dummy certificates to most odesk hour holders. One dude who was sitting next to me had over 7000 odesk hours. Man that’s crazy! That guy works 40 hours a week at odesk and maintains his study. He also must be superman.

Looking at this I feel it’s not good to hear. Yeah I work on odesk but I came out of that and started my own freelance business, but if you are spending whole lot of time for odesk work, then what’s the main difference with freelancing & a 9-5 job?

Talking about 9-5 jobs. DevsTeam (Creation of Eunus, Al-Amin & 3 others) have their own office and they maintain a real office schedule. I was talking to them about this just before leaving, “Isn’t this a backward step you have taken?

I mean the whole point of working online is about working at home, when you want and where you want. But if your work again makes you deal with a time table, transportation, buying lunch then what’s the point?

When I started SevenBranding last year I too wanted to look big. I wanted to have an office, incorporate the business, be a tax payer, bank accounts, investors, full time staff etc etc. But at the right moment a wise decision was made and I didn’t went for the hype.

Anyways that was all my 2 cents, DevsTeam -please don’t be offended with my comments, but you need to think wisely on what you are doing. After all it’s your business and you know how to run it better.

Overall it was a great evening for me:

On my way to home, it was heavy raining. A cold weather and this also messed up my clothes 🙁

To see some more photos, head over to my fan page: Tamal Anwar (Look for the album titled oDesk Dhaka)

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