Niche Website Challenge – Road to Passive Income

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internet marketingHey everyone its Tamal. How are you? It’s been long time I haven’t been able to update you on what I am doing, so I owe you on this. In recent years I went into many different things and most of them involved me to work with web design clients and also working on personal projects.

Now I want to give you a quick update on what I been up to lately. Recently I have been partnered up with an USA based SEO company. I am building an online music promotion business called: Celebrity SEO. Lastly I am looking for building affiliate niche websites. Now the question is why niche websites? I want to build niche websites, mini authority websites so that these will make passive income on auto pilot.

Why Passive Income?

The reason is simple, I want to make money while I sleep or go on a vacation. In the last couple of years I made a good deal of money being a freelancer. But I soon realized that my income is tied with my ability to work. This is why for a long time I am trying to build passive income systems using internet marketing.

My Failures

On the internet we get to see so many people share their success stories but there is hardly any people share their story of failure. I am pursuing niche websites for 2 years for now and failed many times. One thing is sure, building niche websites require a good deal of cash flow and you will end up paying more money and hardly make anything. As a reason last year I had to face many ups and downs in my online work due to the trial and errors. I will write in another post about my past failures.

The Challenge

I have failed many times in the last 2 years while building these mini sites. This post idea actually came from Pat and Tyrone who started a niche site duel 2 years back. They were successful building niche websites with 2 different strategies. I will be doing the same by publically sharing about my niche site and the exact plan I am following.

I am also sharing this so that I can stick to my plan and never lose my focus. As I am publically sharing my actions, I will be responsible for whatever the result is. It could be a success or could be a failure but only time will tell.

One of my close friends wants to learn step by step for different internet marketing stuff. So I want to share tips as I work my way up on the process.

PS: The niche building strategy that I am following is from the Absolute Biggest failure Craig Mako. He is an SEO whose expertise earns him over $25,000 a month. Check his FastAttackSEO blueprint over here. –The blueprint I am following for this niche site challenge.

So sit back and get ready to join this ride with me! I hope for success so that you can copy exactly what I did and do the same for you. I will be updating regularly on every detail, so make sure to come back regularly or even sign up for the email updates!

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5 thoughts on “Niche Website Challenge – Road to Passive Income”

  1. Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin

    It’s a great challenge true but not that great for you because you already have many experience regarding this online marketing. And success naturally doesn’t come without failure. In other words, failure is the pillar of success.

    I’m hopeful because The Almighty Allah gives good results who is up with consistent endeavours. Now, give some time for the success to knock your door 🙂

    Thanks, Shafin
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