Niche Site Challenge 2 – Niche Selection for my Mini Authority Website

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Niche site buildingNiche is a market you want to get into. When I started a blog, I had many options to choose and even blogging niche is so broad I could write on many different topics. But when building a mini site I am bound to just one topic because at most I will be writing 20 pages for this website.

A popular belief is to go for the niches that are popular or what we assume sell well. If I just name niche building and affiliate marketing, then the first thing that comes in my mind is the health market or even the weight loss market. Yet so many people dive into the pool and as a result there is so much competition. But in reality, most people I assume don’t know why they are here. That’s why 97% people fail in internet marketing. So that means only 3% of the websites/marketers out there in the weight lose industry that makes the most money.

My Niche Selection Disaster

When I first started niche site building, I went for a random market that I had no idea about. The market was pinball machines. These machines are huge and sell at $4000 price tag and only a few companies online sell them and have affiliate option. Such things are collectible items and about 30 years old. These pieces are grand fathers of arcade games. So I was hoping for a $200 commission per sale. As I had no idea about the product I went out and purchased a few quality reviews. I also spent money for building links. As months passed by I didn’t saw any sale. When I added a few pinball books and mini toys on the site that range $15-40, these sold a couple of times.

So the lesson is learned, offer a product that has a good entry level pricing people can afford.

Again I made another mistake by choosing a market that I have no idea about. Say if I go for a weight loss industry and try to sell product that I have no idea what it does and how to use it, then how would I be able to build a website around it?

I Selected the Web Hosting Market This Time

I found an interesting ebook that has all the money making niches (download it here). It lists roughly 100 niches. From there I decided to go for the niches that are related to internet marketing. Few of these niches are:

  • Make Money Online
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Web Hosting
  • Email Marketing

Since I am an internet marketer for 5 years now, I have knowledge over many topics. This will help me to write about the things from my own experience. I choose web hosting niche for one reason and the reason is this a fundamental cost of operating a website. I host my website on hostgator and paying them for 3 years now. I also recommended them to my friends and blog readers here and have earned commissions by doing this. So if I could make money out of web hosting without even directly promoting them, I can make good money building a website (INSHALLAH!)

My Website & the Core Strategy

My website will be about web hosting. It won’t be a traditional web hosting reviews website; it will be like a blog website talking about hosting a website and then sharing about a good web hosting. I don’t want to make a website about hostgator and limit my product to just one. With “web hosting” as the main topic I can put any web hosting link I can in the website.

Web hosting affiliates pay very well. Some sites even pay $100/sign up. Hostgator pays $50 per sale so it is one of the hot markets. From blogkori alone I have made $200 commission for hostgator.

If I would build a site around: “Hostgator Review” or “Hostgator Web Hosting” –then the problem would be:

  • This site will be directly competing against hostgator itself
  • This site will be all about hostgator
  • I cannot change my product in future

But since I will build a site about “web hosting” –then I can choose hundreds of companies that are active and also this is a market that will grow over time. Think about it, everyday lots of people join the internet and they need website. For website they will need web hosting.

So now that I am set, my next step will be doing keyword research and purchasing a domain name.

Stay tuned!

8 thoughts on “Niche Site Challenge 2 – Niche Selection for my Mini Authority Website”

  1. Ibrahim Kamrul Shafin

    This is a topic on which I am doing research now. And I think I have really learnt a great deal from the post. I have visited some guidelines on how to build small authority websites and make money but it looks extremely practical to me. Wanna see what happens next. 🙂

    Thanks, Shafin.
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  2. Asif Irtiza Hussain

    Tamal Bhai,

    Its great to see that you are going on a full scale attack on affiliate marketing. I am hopeful that you will succeed here to just like you did with freelancing.

    I started affiliate marketing 7-8 months ago and i have reached $100 threshold last month. I know its not much but its a start and its a confirmation that I too can make money with it.

    So a few days a ago I bought a domain for another niche site (btw, the previous sites were built on sub domains, they did not have top level domains) and uploaded 2 articles there. Even though i am not on the top of google for my main keyword, I have achieved no.4 spot on google within less than 24 hours. So I am happy with the progress.

    Why I am sharing this is, I respect your work very much and I want to back you up with a little proof of mine!

    Carry on!

    1. Hey this is really great info my friend. Affiliate marketing and niche site is something people dont want to give away the actual secret and recent time with Penguin its getting even harder. So let’s see how it goes, will update on that 😀

  3. Hi Tamal Its nice to see you in the niche site creation & wish you very best of luck with it :)!I been doing something similar like this for last few months,actually i am concentrating two types of niche site now;one with mid range search volume for authority site creation & one with low search volume(LSV at least 1.5k & cpc no lesser then $1) for MNS.Even though i am having good success with my MNS & getting around $2-4 on ad sense from those sites,but i am a bit disappoint with my authority site as i haven’t seen any significant bump on my site traffic even though i have a put a lot of effort on the content & online promotion but the traffic i am getting is not nearly half as closed as i expected(so far).So i was wondering whats your plan with your authority site;like how many contents will you have on this particular niche,how often do you update your site & how do you plan to get your desired ranking for your targeted keywords?

    1. Hi thanks for sharing. Well I started this but Penguin really bumped me and re-calculating everything from the ground level. So will post them in blog, stay tuned!

  4. Troy Augustine slc

    Hi, I do believe this is a great blog. I stumbledupon it 😉 I may revisit once again since I bookmarked it. Money and freedom is the best way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide other people.

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