My plans about this “Mini” series

It’s been four weeks since I started my studies and this series. So far I am posting every week to share my journey as a CS student. This won’t be a mini-series if I continue it for four long years. In some weeks I don’t have anything interesting to share, or I’m not feeling creative to write an update. So that being said, I will continue the weekly posts for 4 more weeks, until the end of this term. Then I will think about what will come after that.

I’m now halfway finished my first term. This week I read the short story, The Bet by Anton Chekhov (1889), and I wrote a review of it which got praised by my professor. I am hopeful, I will pass this course with top grades. This month I am going to study hard.

The English course is a requirement for taking part in the UoPeople for those coming from non-English speaking countries. I have to score a minimum of 73% to pass this one.

I’m taking Node lessons this month. My plan is to tackle one topic each month and try to understand it fully. Let’s see how it goes.