blogkori_updateHello friends, this year I haven’t been able to write many updates here in BlogKori (other than some 2 posts in Bangla) and you must be thinking what is going on? Is BlogKori turning into a Bangla blog?

I was busy working at my other blog and also the upcoming Udemy course of mine. So the good news is I am launching a new course in the Udemy platform: “Advanced Digital Marketing Skills for Busy Professionals” by Jan ’15.

Now what is Udemy?

Udemy is an online learning platform that hosts courses. Two years ago when I launched BlogKori Academy, all the course materials were hosted by me, which was a hassle. Now last year I posted a test course at the Udemy platform and it exceeded my expectations. I got 500+ students through the platform without doing any promotion from my end.

Now over the years I have been fallen behind my course of BlogKori Academy. This new course is actually the new version of that BKA training.

So this means anyone who is already a student in my BKA platform, will get instant access to this new course at Udemy.

What’s in my course?

My fresh new course will deal with the topics of setting up websites with WordPress, blogging, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, e-commerce and more.

I’m also planning to make this an ongoing course and add chapters as I go on.

Of course this training will be in English and mostly in screen capture videos.

After taking this course you can either build your own online business or work for someone else and make money as a freelancer.

And finally, it’s going to be a paid course.

If you sign up for my early access email list, you will get the benefit for special deals & coupons when I launch the course. This means when I launch, if the general audience pays 100% of the rate, you will have a coupon to have it for just 30% of the price.

If you are interested to get updates and would like to take advantage of the special deals, please check out this page and sign up with your name and email.

By the way you can have a look at Udemy where you will find tons of online courses, both free and paid. If you would like to teach, you can join as an instructor too!

Talk soon!

Link to my course sign up page
Link to Udemy