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side-image-best-contentOkay you must be thinking why am I here? “I must have been tricked to click on this link.” You were promised the BEST CONTENT but here you are staring at some list written by a random dude you don’t even know.

I am not tricking you my friend, instead I am here to un-trick you.

You see everyday a lot of people enter the world of internet hoping to build an online business, work from home and make money. Unfortunately there are thousands of so called gurus out there who claim they can help you succeed and make money. You give them your hard earned cash and in return they give you useless pieces of software; ebooks created with recycled articles and expert advice (which are actually myths).

You end up wasting years trying to figure it out.

I was a newbie like you when I started 8 years ago. I took the advice of these gurus like they are the holy people of god. Then I struggled for years, figured things out myself. I made a successful online business where I actually offer a real value, not some empty promises.

So if you want to save yourself, this list is for you!

Here are some of the best content that I published in the lifetime of this site. These include posts on online business, blog/website optimization and making money online. If you are new to this site and interested in running a successful online business, then you must read all of these posts. Bookmark this page and get back to it again as I will keep updating this page over time.

Once again, these are not parroted advice.

The knowledge I am sharing here are the genuine things I learned after 8 years of being in online business. So don’t miss it! Here it goes:

Business & Entrepreneurship

Starting Your Online Business

Online Content Creation/Blogging

Website, Blog Optimization

Creating Product/Services, Making Money Online

Just by reading these amazing posts and call it a day won’t make you successful. You have to apply the knowledge and do something. Go ahead and take an initiative. Make a business plan and work for it. Feel free to leave a comment in this post and let me know what do you think.

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