How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Domain/ web address is the most important thing of a blog website. Choosing the right domain will make you one step ahead of others. You must own your paid domain for your blog. The rankings you’ll achieve will be yours and in the long term, you’ll be allowed to sell it.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog

Domains are the base of the future business, so you have to be careful about choosing the right one for your blog brand. Once you setup one and started to market it, it’d be harder to change to another one. Here are some domain examples,

Meaningful domains

There could be two types of domains, meaningful and non-meaningful. Meaningful domains are dictionary word domains like, etc. These are good for blog branding but most of them are already taken. Non-meaningful domains could be any thing which are not real words but could be made into a brand like,,, etc. Non-meaningful domains are tougher to brand.

Your name as the domain

For an example, is my name as a domain. It’s my personal asset and it’s valuable for me only. A personal name is harder to brand unless your name becomes something bigger like being a celebrity, business person etc. To start a blog/ website, avoid your name as the domain because it’s harder to brand and much harder to sell. But if you are selling your service say you are a consultant, an author and you need to brand your name, then your name as a domain is the best fit.


A domain with keywords in it:,, etc. Keywords separated with hyphens (-) works better for long tail SEO keywords but not for blog SEO. Most of the times a funnel site is being created to capture the top places of the search term and then the lead is being sent to the main site.

Sma.rt domains/ Domain Hacks

It all started when (Currently Delicious) jump into the web. More and more people started to create smart domains such as ma.gnolia,, etc. After the twitter trend, it became even shorter like,,,,, etc. Getting a smart domain now is easy but you have to spends some money for this because an average smart domain costs around $100-$500/year (till now) -if you are interested in a domain hack, then check out this website:

Domain with a commitment

Adding a special word in your domain will turn your blog definite. For an example if you put the word, “Daily” such as (very popular blog on the internet)-then your readers will think that you’re publishing daily articles. But as a blogger, you may not write daily (because of other responsibilities), so avoid this word. Adding a keyword in your blog such as, “iPad” will limit your blog into writing about iPads only. Instead of being definite, try indefinite like “Tablet/Tab” rather than using “iPad.”  Adding the word “blog” will make it a blog. There’s a word “blog” in the doamin -meaning that this domain is only brandable for blogs.

So what type of domain is ideal for me?

Meaningful dictionary word domains are better for your blog. When choosing a domain,

Ignore hyphens (-) and numbers(0-9). Try to get a .com domain. Creating a non-meaningful domain will make it sound like a social website and will be harder to market. Avoid smart domains (domain hacks) also because it’s harder to remember the combination and it’ll sound like another URL shrtener service. If you want to set a target to sell your blog in the future, then avoid your name as a domain.

The best tip for choosing a domain for blog is to make it easy to remember.

What do you prefer when choosing your domain?

What are the things you focus when choosing a domain for your blog? How many domains you have now? Do you believe one of your domains will earn you a fortune in the future?

20 thoughts on “How to Choose a Good Domain Name for Your Blog”

  1. Ya,Tamal Anwar.
    Very effective post while choosing domain.
    I also agree with u.

    My current domain is textilemirror dot com.
    Its a online newspaper based on Textile, Apparel & Fashion.

    I also bought a domain for my daily blogging.
    electronicworkshop dot net which is under construction.


    1. These are great tips. Personally I try to make the domain name easy to remember. I always get a .com domain.
      I always think is this marketable and catchy? That’s another thing that I ask myself.
      I actually love brainstorming domain names.
      I currently have 5 domain names.
      But I keep my blog only on one domain. The other domains were bought for future projects that I will be working on.
      All the best,

      Eren- homemaking tips’s latest blog post..Fun summer things for kids to do – activities and ideas for a fantastic summer

      1. @Eren- homemaking tips, Domains are the real-real estate and the more you have the better the benefit for the future. Domain should be catchy and short -but not enough short that it’s meaningless!

      2. The benefit of having your name as the domain is basically it mmotivates you. Your name is your domain name so your site will have to look good to reflect yoru positive image.

        Azmi Jahan’s latest blog post..Virginity Rates by College Majors

      3. Yes I do feel that and love the concept of Azmi Jahan ~your personal blog but nothing brandable.

    2. @M. R. SOHEL, Both of your domains are highly brandable dictionary domains and it’ll have a future value. Just keep them for years.

  2. I agree with you. But sometimes common domains which include the keyword concerned are already registered by someone else. As a result, sometimes webmasters have to take a domain not including the keyword.

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    1. @Aminul Islam Sajib, A lot of domains are available till now and everydays lots of older domains expire. That means you get the chance to register them again. You can get any keyword domain by making it a longer one.

  3. Very good and useful post! I wish I was smarter and did some research about that domain thing – how and what to choose, before I started to buy them few years ago… LOL

    1. @IngaOz, This all research thing came these days when domains got extremely popular. Nothing to be worried, you have an old domain and that’s a great thing 😀

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  4. I own three domains at the moment. I think the most important thing if you choose a non-meaningful word is to consider it’s length (the shorter, the better), ease of spelling, and whether it has been thought of or used before. When I think of words that would be nice for a domain, I google it to make sure someone else doesn’t have it as a username or something on other sites, as branding is difficult if someone already has yourdomainname at Twitter or other sites.

    ~ Kristi

  5. Yea, that’s right. But don’t you think people don’t like to type longer URLs and feel annoying? I’ve read in several blog posts that advised not to choose longer domains.

    Aminul Islam Sajib’s latest blog post..Wanna write on Foreign News Agency

    1. @Aminul Islam Sajib, Long-keyword-url’s are best to do good SEO for blogs. Yes you should avoid it for branding purpose.

      1. Although my best earning domain contains a hyphen, the best is to have a domain without any hyphen… just one or two words. For instance, I just started and will start soon too. They’re great because of SEO. It’s very easy to SEOize such domains for primary phrases. Especially in MSN and Google it needs much less effort.

        A hyphen makes it harder to rank for the primary phrase… my own experience.

      2. Hyphened domains are easy to get and SEO friendly, these are the domains that make big money to affiliate earners.

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  7. Thanks for the info – don’t forget to post about the Australian domain name industry – it’s really starting to take off… Thanks again

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